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    “Circumstances “

    We are not victims of our circumstances We are the victors over them Circumstances gave us thin ice and heavy skates took our families and morphed them into something horrific Gave us cold nights And thin blankets no heat, but rocket launchers We have hearts that fed beatings and eyes that can’t look away and lots of time to think about it We found the will to fight so it gave us an enemy that can’t die gave us eyes to read letters of heartbreaking sorrow Circumstances gave us rotting logs to make homes then laughed a the tornadoes taught us to count so we’d know just how much we…

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    Wish I could write poems about owls but what do I know They sure are cute when young unless you are a mouse they want Sitting like time passing under a harvest moon head saying no to every question even the ones we haven’t asked Are you wise or am I a fool? share your wisdom mystical ass Crouched under your tree sticks digging like miners into my bare feet Why have you not written a poem about me?

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    Eric’s Mail Ban Lifted

    Erics mail ban is over (for now) so please write him if you can. He would love to hear from people. It has been quite some time since he was able to receive letters from people outside his immediate family. (We have no idea whether there will be another mail ban). Please do not talk about his case and be mindful, that all letters are read by prison officials and potentially scanned/saved. Write Eric King #27090-045 FCI Englewood 9595 West Quincy Avenue Littleton, CO 80123 Eric has a wishlist for books. You can order books for me at tiny.cc/EK_Books Follow Eric on social medialinktree: https://linktr.ee/supportericking facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SupportEricKing fb: Support Eric…

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    Tight ropes, taut lines

    In the past three plus years I’ve been in the SHU (segregated housing unit), I’ve been directly aware of nine hangings. That is, occurred either on my range, in my cell, or near enough that I could hear the body hit the ground. Some of these were “cries for help”, some were serious, all were scarring and devastating. Almost always BOP staff hides behind either indifference towards our lives, or bureaucratic policy to avoid actually helping… at USP Atlanta they rushed in and yanked the prisoner down (by the legs), slapping them, yelling to “be a man, not a bitch!” at other institutions they laugh, yelling to quit faking.  Two years ago here at Englewood Levi hung up,…

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    Eric’s “Motion to Suppress” granted in part.

    “Despite the Court’s conclusion that factors one through four weigh in favor of the voluntary nature of Defendant’s statements, those factors simply do not outweigh the coercive effect that the physical and psychological suffering at the hands of BOP officials apparently had on Defendant.5 Therefore, in light of the foregoing, the Court finds that the Government has not met its burden to demonstrate that Defendant’s statements at the interview were voluntary. Accordingly, the Court concludes that Defendant’s will was overborne such that his statements on August 20, 2018 were involuntary and must be suppressed.” At Eric’s disciplinary hearing on October 15th a federal judge for the first time was able…

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    Recent Filings in Eric’s Case

    From Nov 15th from Support Eric King Facebook “Eric’s lawyers with the Civil Liberties Defense Center filed the ‘Defendant’s final argument in support of amended motion to suppress today”. This is the brief requested by Judge Martinez at the end of the October 14, 2021 evidentiary hearing on Eric’s amended motion to suppress, in which Eric testified after Bureau of Prisons (BOP) staff. You can read it at https://cldc.org/…/11/168-Def-Closing-Arg-Suppresspdf.pdf It is 20 pages and details testimony given by Eric regarding the torture he experienced in the wake of being assaulted by a BOP Lieutenant. Facebook does not allow PDFs to be posted but you can request this document (and the…

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    “Am I allowed to breathe”

    This is a poem from October/2016 from when Eric was just two months into his time at FCI Englewood, the start of his journey into this BOP nightmare. Am I allowed to breathe? Is that a punishable offense Am I allowed to feel Is that a shot? Are my thoughts read like my letters Scanned and stored to be used against me later My dreams disected and distorted Tearing apart the meanings Digging for something anything Does my every firing neuron Have sinister intentions Yes..

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    Eric King denied public access to evidentiary hearing

    Public access to Eric King’s evidentiary hearing A federal judge has modified Eric King’s right to a public hearing Alone n the courtroom as he has been in communication for the last year and a half9:30 AM Mountain 877-336-1828 9449909#If you are denied access or if technical issues disrupt your access please call and make a report with NLG legal line 720-822-5893