Check out Eric Kings Book Wish List here , and then here is the fundraising page where you can donate directly to  the Eric King support fund – Thank you so much!

Since his arrest in September 2014, Eric has been extremely isolated from his
loved ones and has repeatedly been targeted by the guards. Despite these struggles, he
continues to maintain his good spirits, in large part due to the constant stream of support and solidarity he has received from around the world.

We are asking for funds to help us support our comrade as he continues
to weather the deplorable prison conditions and prepares to serve a decade of his life behind bars.  The funds collected through this campaign will go towards:

* phone calls with friends and supporters to prevent him from being isolated
* the costs of books and shipping to help him pass the time inside (much
of which has been in solitary confinement)
* commissary to help him purchase toiletry items and vegan food
*helping folks be able to come support him and pack the courtroom for Eric’s trial
These funds will not be used for legal defense or bail. He is being
represented by the federal public defender and thus does not have any
pending legal fees.

Every donation helps us support Eric that much better, which will help
keep him stronger and more able to fight back against this state repression!


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