9-23 EK update

Mail is so difficult to predict and letters take a lot longer to clear the special investigation services mailbox than articles.When he gets a stack of mail it could be from last week or from 2 months ago it’s difficult to tell. Eric has been getting some amazing letters and he wants to answer them all but in the last few months his health problems that have developed over years of medical neglect and 5 years spend in isolation cells have left him so much pain writing letters is excruciating. He wanted to let folks know that he’s probably going to be unable to write in the next couple months leading up to hopefully at some point a halfway house placement. We know everyone is desperate and waiting for news, we assure you we are as well. That August estimate didn’t really age well did it ⌚?

He sends his love thanks and support. He’s nervous and excited about re-entering the world after 10 years of development he missed out on. He’s super giddy about the December release of this project that they have worked so hard on.



He is invigorated about entering right back into that system that he was so desperate to leave and becoming a paralegal and pursuing the field of law when he is free. πŸ‘€ Those former guards and “expert” witnesses around the adx need a little job competition as well 😁.

We are so close to the goal on his outdate fundraiser. If folks could take the time to share it would be greatly appreciated πŸ–€


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