What DOES disqualify someone from employment as a federal prison guard?

It turns out the officer who terrorized Eric… the man who took him into the shower in his underwear and broke his head open while handcuffed… Was hired by the government after being partially responsible for a murder, and subsequently losing his job, as a Nebraska sergeant. It was commonplace for this man to use cell assignments as a way of extra discipline in Englewood. In fact, Eric has a write-up from this officer (Gustafson) for refusing an opposing gang cellmate (Bureau of Prisons classified Eric as “affiliated” being anti-fascist, so they can’t give him gang cellmates, as it is against separate regulations).

So the BOP saw… This man lost his job in Nebraska for using the segregation unit as a way to terrorize prisoners, ultimately leading to a blatantly unnecessary death. And they said “hold my beer 😂 do we have a unit for you to work.” They placed him in the segregation unit at FCI Englewood. They were all complacent in his abuse when they refused to take reports regarding his attempted assaults and harassment of Eric leading up to the horrific incident of Eric being attacked in the showers.

One of the write-ups that ended up being a part of Eric’s ADX Supermax placement involved this same officer. The federal prosecutor, knowing what he did to Eric, still brought this officer back to Denver to testify in an attempt to convict Eric of false charges of assault against an officer.

The kicker is, seemingly even after the Nebraska wrongful death lawsuit was settled, the officer is still employed with the Bureau of Prisons. Was even given an out-of-state transfer. Wonder what it takes to lose your job as a federal prison guard 🤷‍♀️


If you’d like to read the full lawsuit and allegations:


If folks are interested in a little of Eric’s history with Officer Gustafson:



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