About Eric

Eric King is a vegan anarchist political prisoner who has been imprisoned since 2016. Eric is also a dad, a poet, and a committed activist who has faced horrendous state violence for his principled stances.

On March 3, 2016, Eric accepted a non-cooperating plea agreement to one count of using “explosive materials to commit arson” and on June 28, 2016 he was sentenced to 10 years in prison. His estimated release date is December 27, 2023.

Since his arrest and subsequent incarceration, he has been extremely isolated from his loved ones and has repeatedly been targeted by the guards, who have regularly put his safety in jeopardy. At CCA Leavenworth during pretrial detention, Eric was kept in segregation for 6 months and was often subjected to stints in “the hole” after being targeted by the guards. In August 2018, Eric was taken into an off-camera supply closet and attacked by guards at FCI Florence. He was then left in a painful 4-point restraint for over 6 hours. After the assault, and while in restraints, Eric was not given water, clothing, or a blanket, and was forced to urinate on himself. There were three hours during this time in which the cameras were turned off while Eric was restrained. Despite this, in August 2019 Eric was charged for assaulting a Federal officer and faces up to 20 more years in prison if convicted. Eric has been in “the hole” since August 2018 and has had his communications restricted for over a year. His trial date for this was March 14, 2022. He was found innocent by a federal jury. Despite this the BOP within 11 days transferred him and bumped his custody up to MAX as a response to his win. He is set to continue to be detained indefinitely in segregation.

Despite these struggles, he continues to maintain his good spirits and resolve to see this situation through to the end. He is also maintaining his dedication to struggling for a world free of domination and oppression. Eric is now able to receive limited communications so please write to him and offer your solidarity. You can also send him books from his wishlist!