About Eric

Eric has been incarcerated since 11/2014

After spending a brutal 2.5 years pre-trial at CCA Leavenworth, Eric accepted a 10-year non cooperative plea deal in June of 2016. After spending a brutal 2.5 years pre-trial at CCA Leavenworth.During the Ferguson uprising in Kansas City Missouri he attempted to throw a Molotov Cocktail at an empty federal building at night time. 2016 was not the year to get federal charges for Molotov cocktails. 2021 seems to be the MOST friendly to insurrection 👀(watching those cap riot sentences like woah 😳)

Eric is a Anarchist, a father, a poet, a brutal scrabble player, an adoring Swiftie and an undying anti-fascist. The word undying is literal. His refusal to accept the federal prison system as unchanging has been a threat to his life on multiple occasions. He has been beat, he has been tortured, he has been sent to the hospital. Separated from his family, from his supporters. He has spent the last 5 years in segregation. Has not had a social phone call since 12/2019. He was brought into a closet off camera by a Lieutenant and attacked and later charged with a crime that he spent 4 years fighting.

Eric King was AQUITTED by a federal jury. The bop used the fact that he was pending charges to justify attack after attack, indefinite segregation, communication restrictions and everything else they have done to him. The bop used the pending charges to justify why they needed to download photos of his daughter breastfeeding from the internet and place them into his central file as the answer to Senate inquiries. However the acquittal didn’t change their tune. He, was in the dederal supermax, Colorado’s own Guantanamo, ADX Florence within a year. And the path was not pleasant. He was first deprived and tortured at USP Lee spending the entire time with zero letters from his family phone calls or visits before he was finally placed at the ADX.

He has been a sounding board for bureau of prisons tactics against anti-fascist and other organizers. He has received rioting shots for poetry. He has been referred to the counterterrorism unit for passing out Union cards. Assault shots for cartoons. Placed in ADX for protests outside the facility, the auctions of free people outside celebrating the worldwide tradition of a New Year’s Eve global noise demo.  After his indictment the AUSA started a US Marshal investigation on every single person in the courtroom for his indictment. Later the AUSA would use that investigation to close the courtroom to the public for his evidentiary hearing. The paranoia and attacks from the DOJ have always been reactions to community support. They fear a community that supports prisoners. They fear community can actually result in abolition.

Because of Eric’s community and support he is still alive today. Because of the people who were around him when they tried to do this to him… they did not succeed. If Eric had not had an amazing lawyer by his side through the brutality, his support crew, the tireless paralegals… they would have succeeded. You may not see the power you hold as someone who supports prisoners, but the system of mass incarceration does..

When the Bureau of Prisons classifies you as a gang member it becomes open season on your family. The Bureau of Prisons has entire presentations and programs built around STG or special threat groups. They teach other prisons and police departments how to gather information on friends and family members of people classified as gang members. Because of this the Bureau of Prisons has repeatedly attacked her Eric’s family. Threats of violence from grown men directed to children, federal officers, during visits. Locked in rooms. Medication stolen. They were told their politics were incompatible with visiting (in writing) and that they were recommended to communicate in writing. And then within a year somehow their personal letters showed up somehow (hiiiiiiighly illegal) in a child protection services report for their politics (the week after j6 the Colorado Wing of the Trump DOJ was up to no good)👀.

Eric has a passion for incarcerated people. His undying curiosity regarding the prisoner experience for other incarcerated rebels led to the creation of something amazing.

He co-edited a book with a member of his support crew who has spent so so so many hours trying to make Eric’s dream come true. Reaching out to prisoners, editing, being the voice for so many inside. When we grow past the time of mass incarceration the stories of prisoners right now at this very moment matters. They were able to create a snapshot of the North American political prisoner experience. And hope to move forward and create more volumes (so if you have a story to tell or are in support of someone who does http://rattlingthecages.com ).

The federal district of Colorado is refusing to allow Eric to be released to his family. Despite the fact they have been held here fighting charges the last 5 years. They are attempting to institute probation conditions that are only used for sex offenders. Eric’s release date is February of 2023. As of now if he were to say, he didn’t have a family and he was homeless he would be in a halfway house within a month. But instead he sits strong at the ADX fighting to be transferred to the district his family lives in.

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