04 FEBRUARY 2009 -- Undocumented immigrant prisoners walk into tent city. Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio marched about 200 undocumented immigrants in the Durango Jail to "Tent City" where he will house the prisoners until or if they are deported. PHOTO BY JACK KURTZ

“They Will Send Ya” a poem by Eric King

  To the tune of Johnny Cash’s ‘Everywhere Man’ If you hurt their feelings they will send ya Arms to Arkansas Eyes to Eugene Lips to Lousiana Knees to Kentucky Mouth to Montana...

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“Ways to celebrate Veterans Day” a poem by Eric King

Stand up comedy routine at Arlington Nt. Cemetary Sitting in at war memorial Cake and IceCream at ‘Fallen Soldiers’ statues Side walk drawing of dead soldiers Defacing soldiers graves? Reminding people of the...

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“Thor is a child’s game” a poem by Eric King

I think you’re fucking lame as hell and Thor is a child’s game I dont have time for petty race pride plus I feel its all a sham You’re cops, or you would...

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“Not my prison” a poem by Eric King

“Not my prison” This is not my home Not my tan clothes or scratchy wool blanket My fucking chamber to rest or my niche I am not an inmate that is a title...

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Eric Featured in Certain Days: Freedom for Political Prisoners Calendar!

We’re thrilled to announce that Eric has a poem in this year’s Certain Days calendar! For those who are not familiar, the Certain Days: Freedom for Political Prisoners Calendar is a joint fundraising...

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Baby Teeth a Poem by Eric King

Are we the states baby teeth? Yanked and picked from societies expanding mouth Store for safe keeping in tight little boxes Have we outgrown our storage? Maybe we are the cavities rotting out...

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“treason” a poem by Eric King

How long until its illegal to just not want to be long they’ll sizzle our brains til we’re just mush in a shell then put us to work in factories to waste Our...

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“Am I Allowed to Breathe” a poem by Eric King

Am I allowed to breathe? Is that a punishable offense Am I allowed to feel is that a shot? Are my thoughts read like my letters scanned and stored to be used against...

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“I’ll know I am free” a poem by Eric King

  I’ll know I am free when I am stretching out feeling the wind on my face doing all sorts of weird yoga poses and when I turn my head to the left...

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In It For The Long Haul – An Important message for supporters all around the world!

    It has been almost a month since Eric arrived at FCI Englewood, a low security federal prison in Littleton, CO. In that time Eric has begun to adjust to the facility...

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