In It For The Long Haul – An Important message for supporters all around the world!

    It has been almost a month since Eric arrived at FCI Englewood, a low security federal prison in Littleton, CO. In that time Eric has begun to adjust to the facility...

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Eric Kings Sentencing Statement

  We have received the transcript from Eric’s sentencing. We want to share both Eric’s statement to the court and the transcript in entirety.     “THE DEFENDANT: First I’d like to congratulate...

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“I don’t have time for your white pride” a poem by Eric King

I think you’re fucking lame as hell and Thor is a childs game I dont have time for petty race pride plus I feel its all a sham You’re cops, or you would...

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Cross Bright_1-L

“Two poems about white crosses on Mountain tops” a poem by Eric King

  There’s a cross across the road To me it looks more like an X to mark the fucking spot where they dump those who are forgot It doesn’t give hope or inspire...

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      Eric was picked up from Grady County Jail in Oklahoma at midnight last night and taken on a plane to the prison he was designated. We just received a phone call and...

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An Updated Eric King Flyer!

  The support flyer needed to be updated, so please go ahead and download the updatedflyer   , print them out,  and help us distribute current information  about Eric’s case , imprisonment , and struggle....

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A message from Eric to his supporters and info on his recent transfer

On Friday morning Eric boarded a plane, leaving C.C.A. Leavenworth behind for good. He was transferred to the Grady County Jail in Chickasha, Oklahoma, which is the facility the Federal Bureau of Prisons...

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Birthday Cake

Eric King turns 30 on August 2nd!

  Greetings everyone!   We wanted to remind you that on August 2nd, Erik King turns 30 years old!   This year has already been full of changes for EK; from getting married,...

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“Feeling forgotten feels worst than dying” a poem by Eric King in solidarity with Chelsea Manning

They take away your voice you loose touch with yourself. If you aren’t moving forward do we even exist? Instagram, tinder, never made a hashtag. Everyone is street walking playing Pokemon Go I...

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The Criminal Legal System for Radicals

  One of our comrades from the support team helped put together this awesome well needed book and we wanted to share it with you. The book is a guide to the criminal legal...

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