“This is how hard it is to get medical help here”

  1. “First, file 5 sick calls, have medical officer Dunne take you serious, but no one else
  2. Use the grievance process after being ignored for 4 1/2 months
  3. Get seen by a PA, who reviews everything + decides whether to refer to the doc or not. In our case he did
  4. The doc has to review it and present the case to the “Utilization Review Committee” who has to approve it.
  5. I guess the “URC” approves it, which in our case they did, they pass it onto REGIONAL [BOP office], who has to then approve it… Jesus they had 2 months to approve or deny… then once (if) approved they have to make the appointment w/the outside doctor… Three officers + all armed join you at the facility and you are made to wear the electronic belt [shock collar].
    • The Bureau thrives on promoting the health + safety of its captives =) HA Get fucked”

To give more clarity on the process for this particular (quite serious) medical concern. Eric might have missed a couple of steps.

  1. Get approved after 18 months of trying for an outside Dr to evaluate you!
  2. Get abruptly transferred clearing all medical orders from the system
  3. Have your loved ones with the help of compassionate Senators (Thank you Neguse!) follow you being transferred from prison to prison trying to get them to palpitate your neck.
  4. Arrive at USP Lee where the BOP responds to Senator Neguse informing us that there simply is nothing medically found in the afflicted area. They kindly highlight the email to make sure the senator knows exactly who he is helping
This is in response to your inquiries sent to us regarding Mr. Eric King.  In the inquiries, Ms. __________requests information regarding her husband as related to his management variable and medical concerns.  My apologies for this delayed response.  This response provides information as to her concerns. 
Our records show that Mr. King is currently located at USP Lee.  He was previously located at FCI Englewood in pre-trial status.  Mr. King was removed from pre-trial status at FCI Englewood on March 29, 2022, where he later arrived at USP Lee on May 3, 2022.   Our records reveal that while in pre-trial status at FCI Englewood on November 12, 2021, Mr. King was evaluated by the institution’s medical provider for complaints of pain behind ears and to throat.  He was diagnosed on that date with a local infection of the skin and subcutaneous tissue and prescribed antibiotics for treatment.  Later, on November 15, 2021, Mr. King reported that the antibiotics were working, but there was still a lump in his neck.  Records further reveal that a .25cm nodule was palpated at his right anterior submandibular area on this date.  An ultrasound was also ordered at the time. 
Afterwards, on December 2, 2021, a diagnostic test of an ultrasound of the right submandibular region identified an oval circumscribed mass measuring 2.2 x 0.6 x 1.1cm.  The report indicated the finding likely represented as  sonographically unremarkable appearing level 1B lymph node.  Recommendations on the same report indicated repeat imaging and consideration for tissue sampling would be warranted, if the finding enlarges or does not completely resolve in 8-12 weeks.  On February 23, 2022, a follow-up clinical encounter was conducted at FCI Englewood regarding the “lymph gland.”   During the medical visit the evaluation indicated a lesion, cyst at lateral neck, but did not specify size.  As a result, a consultation for a general surgeon for evaluation was ordered on that date.   
Mr. King was later transferred to USP Lee.  Upon his arrival at USP Lee on May 3, 2022, a history and physical exam was conducted via a medical intake screening.  At that time, Mr. King reported having a swollen lymph node under his jawline, but denies swelling at the time.  An examination by Mid-Level provider indicated no masses or nodes, specifically no lymph node enlargement.  A full resolution of previous a infection and localized swelling, mass and lump, neck was documented.  Also, a general surgery consultation discontinued on this date as it is not indicated because Mr. King does not have any palpable lymph note at this time.  The medical provider scheduled Mr. King for a three-year preventative health visit, in accordance with policy, and instructed him that if he notices any lymph node enlargement in the future to report to medical. 
Our inmate population has access to medical care via daily sick call, in which he or she is able to request a sick call visit.  If Mr. King feels that he is suffering from a medical condition, he is strongly encouraged to follow-up with a sick call visit, as needed, for any medical concerns. 
Regarding his management variable, Mr. King has a management variable of greatest severity.  His criminal history involves throwing a cocktail explosive threw a Member’s congressional office window.   Inmates who disagree with BOP decisions regarding their care, including custody classification, are able to appeal through the Administrative Remedy Program. The Administrative Remedy Program allows inmates to appeal decisions at the institutional, regional, and national levels.   At each level, a response is provided to the inmate in writing.
I trust this response addresses your concerns. 
Office of Legislative Affairs 
Federal Bureau of Prisons

However, based on the EXTENSIVE medical work-up done at the ADX (per Eric’s account) it seems there WAS something found there after all. Enough to warrant a MAXIMUM SECURITY specialist doctor visit.

BOP waited and advised Eric to wait THREE YEARS for a follow-up.

To echo the sentiments of EK:

get fucked

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