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Eric King 27090045

Eric King #27090-045
FCI Englewood
9595 West Quincy Avenue
Littleton, CO  80123

Eric would love to receive mail from any and all supporters, around the world. Please keep in mind when you do write to Eric that all mail to or from a jail or prison will be read by the cops in the mail room. Also, a letter can be as long as you’d like it to be and you can include articles that you’ve printed off, but anything other then your letter, card or printed pages that you may include in the envelope could prevent your mail from getting to Eric.

If you are a little stumped as to what to write to Eric, now that you’ve decided to send him that first letter, go ahead and head back through some of the previous posts on this website and you’ll see some wonderful poems that Eric has written. Once you start reading Eric’s poems you may get to know him a little better and writing that first letter could come a little easier at that point.

And if you’d like to Send Eric a book, here is his  amazon wishlist:

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    1. Hi! He does but he can not yet get books. He is still in the SHU on transfer status. Soon we should learn where he is designated to go, and he will be able to receive books again. We will make a new post sharing!

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