Eric Called Into Court For Unknown Reasons

Yesterday on the eve of the anniversary of the attack in FCI Florence Erics family received word he was picked up at 3am on august 13th and told he was being called into court on a “writ” its been 5 days and he still hasnt seen any papers or been told where he is headed. It feels likely that they are bringing him back to Colorado to try to charge him federally for being dragged into a broom closet, attacked and then kicked in the head repeatedly by 6 officers, tied to a 4 point bed covered in blood for 8 hours having to urinate on himself before being placed in a cell with a toilet clogged with feces and a strobe light overhead for 4 days. There are other potentials for being called in but most of them are not good.

All of Erics money is in the federal system and he will no longer be able to access it while in county lockup. We imagine next week when they pick him up and bring him wherever he is heading. We need to fundraise asap for funds for him to start over regarding the things he needs. Also it is likely we will have to fight for vegan food and he will rely on his commissary for food again. Since he is leaving federal lockup he will no longer be guaranteed the non-flesh trays of the BOP. This will also mean phones will be insanely more expensive and communication will be essential in order to organize the support he needs. It folks could please share the donate page and try to help get some money in for Him to be prepared.

We still have shirts, stickers and books available. If local ABC’s or prison support groups want to print and fundraise shirts hit us up so we can send the design over.

If he is indeed being picked up on bullshit charges we will need as much help as possible getting him a lawyer. To ensure that being attacked by a lieutenant isnt going to result in another federal sentence to be added. He and his family are super scared and dont know what is happening. The idea he could possible stay beyond 2023 is so scary.

We also are going to spring into action to advocate for eric (in addition to the need for food) to get him the medical care he needs after he suffered the stroke like symptoms in which the medical staff chose to not even enter his cell to check him out.

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We believe he may be able to receive mail but are unsure if he will be in Grady County longer than a week,

EK support team

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