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    Tight ropes, taut lines

    In the past three plus years I’ve been in the SHU (segregated housing unit), I’ve been directly aware of nine hangings. That is, occurred either on my range, in my cell, or near enough that I could hear the body hit the ground. Some of these were “cries for help”, some were serious, all were scarring and devastating. Almost always BOP staff hides behind either indifference towards our lives, or bureaucratic policy to avoid actually helping… at USP Atlanta they rushed in and yanked the prisoner down (by the legs), slapping them, yelling to “be a man, not a bitch!” at other institutions they laugh, yelling to quit faking.  Two years ago here at Englewood Levi hung up,…

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    Eric’s “Motion to Suppress” granted in part.

    “Despite the Court’s conclusion that factors one through four weigh in favor of the voluntary nature of Defendant’s statements, those factors simply do not outweigh the coercive effect that the physical and psychological suffering at the hands of BOP officials apparently had on Defendant.5 Therefore, in light of the foregoing, the Court finds that the Government has not met its burden to demonstrate that Defendant’s statements at the interview were voluntary. Accordingly, the Court concludes that Defendant’s will was overborne such that his statements on August 20, 2018 were involuntary and must be suppressed.” At Eric’s disciplinary hearing on October 15th a federal judge for the first time was able…

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    Recent Filings in Eric’s Case

    From Nov 15th from Support Eric King Facebook “Eric’s lawyers with the Civil Liberties Defense Center filed the ‘Defendant’s final argument in support of amended motion to suppress today”. This is the brief requested by Judge Martinez at the end of the October 14, 2021 evidentiary hearing on Eric’s amended motion to suppress, in which Eric testified after Bureau of Prisons (BOP) staff. You can read it at https://cldc.org/…/11/168-Def-Closing-Arg-Suppresspdf.pdf It is 20 pages and details testimony given by Eric regarding the torture he experienced in the wake of being assaulted by a BOP Lieutenant. Facebook does not allow PDFs to be posted but you can request this document (and the…

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    “Incarcerated Anti-Fascists Report Targeted Beatings by Guards”

    Folks should check out this article written by Ella Fassler that features Eric and other prisoners who have suffered numerous attacks by BOP fascists “The Bureau of Prisons (BOP) is targeting Eric King, an unapologetically vocal anti-fascist, yogi and poet who has been incarcerated since September 2014, for his political beliefs. King was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison after being charged with attempting to set fire to a government official’s empty office building in support of the Ferguson, Missouri, uprising in 2014. On March 10, 2020, Sandra Freeman, King’s lawyer, filed a motion requesting a hearing related to ongoing abuse against her client and interference with the attorney-client relationship. “The institutional…

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    Eric’s Declaration regarding abuse at FCI Englewood

    The following is a declaration by Eric that was filed on 3/10/2020 detailing the abuse he has suffered at the hands of FCI Englewood. The motion itself, the exhibits and the affidavit of his attorney are available to be read in the update section of his legal defense fundraiser You can write Eric at Eric King 27090045FCI Englewood9595 w Quincy aveLittleton co 80123 https://fundrazr.com/e1cKo1

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    The email that resulted in getting Eric attacked at FCI Florence

    We wanted to share the email that Eric sent his wife the morning of August 17th 2018 that resulted in him being brought into the mop closet and attacked at FCI Florence. The complete court filing documents and exhibits are available to be viewed in the update section of the fundraiser https://fundrazr.com/e1cKo1?ref=fb_58lmub_ab_55znQaWMPBu55znQaWMPBu Write Eric at Eric King 27090045FCI ENGLEWOOD9595 W Quincy aveLittleton co 80501

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    Eric’s Legal Defense Fundraiser and Case Filings… CONTENT/TRIGGER warning.

    CONTENT/TRIGGER warning… state sanctioned torture and violence. [While its uncomfortable for *US* to see this photo, and it brings all sorts of feelings imagine what this felt like for Eric. This image is sensitive and while it is public record Eric has given consent for it to be shared. It is a very vulnerable image of him and his body. We ask if folks use this image elsewhere to please link back to the fundraiser/update page (as well as Eric’s blog and Facebook and twitter support page) for context and so folks have the ability to read the exhibits and motions in conjunction so that it is not just gratuitous…