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    Eric King’s trial info

    If you want to hold space for Eric and virtually attend trial the phone number 877-336-1828 and enter access code 9449909# . On Monday March 14th during jury selection the public may only attend virtually , call 877-336-1828 and enter access code 9449909# this is expected to conclude around 10/11/12 and will be open to the public afterwards. . This is such a big moment for Eric, he has been so cut off from the world for so long. Allowed no outside communication outside of family been in segregation for three and a half years 🖤 finally he gets to tell his story. . Due to covid regulations physical access…

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    Trial in a week! And words from Eric.

    “There’s something happening here, something special for certain. It begins with trees and bugs and grows into communities built on trust. it revolves around the idea that we can cause their destruction with our growth. it starts with love and grows with the flowers. Ands with the stars burning us all to dust 🖤 March 14th “ Eric is excited, nervous and just so ready. Eric has been silenced for years now with communication restrictions. (Which were reinstated days ago💔). Eric had something really terrible happened to him. And then for years he didn’t get to talk about it. This trial is Eric’s opportunity to finally speak 🖤 this is…

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    “Just Yesterday”

    I study our photographs Remember how soft you felt Those moments to find my life Kept me sturdy in Rocky waves How the fuck did you get so good At the card games you’d learned Just yesterday… It doesn’t make any damn sense I swear I taught you cribbage on Saturday You skunked me all day Sunday We’ve existed through distance And connect through fingertips Card tables and plexiglass Living in 15 minute intervals Praying nothing fucked the weekend off Praying they just leave us alone Dying to feel my arms around you Pinching you when the camera flicks Will you have a new hairdo? Will they trip on you?…

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    When life gets heavy I lay on my bunk put my sheet over my head pretend to be a turtle in my shell retreat to my safe space eat my lettuce and carrots pretend I’m out in a garden escape the noises and pollution build my fantasy reality safe + sound blocking out the hate and noise living in my shell until it is safe to come out

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    “They say I’m no good”

    They say I’m no good and the whole town would be safer If I was buried deep or shot with a taser They talk a lot of shit is it a terrorist or arsonist? Can’t let me out of here I’m a fire breather I’m too violent cops put me in a box with 20 doors and no windows sunlight’s prohibited “it’ll make you grow” those that will judge have never gotten to know me but my look is rotten If only they’d talk to you first they would learn a secret by you from me & maybe they’d agree that I’m harmless

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    On the other side of the fence it grows

    On the other side of the fence it grows out of the reach of my hand & nose free to be as lovely as it intends free to be with its flower friends Not to be killed inside this cage such enchantments would be a waste Never seen such a blue, defying hate just by existing fed by the sun it feeds my being sometimes being happy feels like treason your petals offer one more reason to not break down or fold so easy life would be such a cake the day I awake on the same side as my friends we’ll both rise up in defiance on that day

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    Mail is making it through!

    Eric is over the moon having his mail back and hearing from his friends! It’s making him feel so strong and ready to win in March and end this three and a half years of hell. Sitting indefinitely in segregation can really throw a wrench in the trial prep machine. It wasn’t until a year and a half in that he even had his glasses. He survived 18 months of communication restrictions. He survived so so much thrown his way. But beyond survival he is ready to dominate in March when he gets to finally have his trial. He wanted to send everyone love and thanks 🖤 and sat he…

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    This Vile Institution

    I have the blues like a dead man’s lips This vile institution Serving your cereal with a cup of warm piss they’ll teach me a lesson If only my cold shoulder didn’t come with a chip for all my treason maybe my life was a failure, but it felt like a gift the dementor is freezing I’m a thorn bush that needs to be clipped

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    Our Getaway

    With a shovel and a dream I begin heading your way The ground is cold and hard and inclined to budge But we fight it, we fight hard and we fight the calendar We’re expected to break to throw in every towel Our muscles are aching Sore but not breaking Meet in the middle We’ll help each other to escape To flee society and heartbreak Together we’ll tunnel out of this pain and nothing will stop our getaway

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    “They forgot we were earthworms”

    They tried to bury us They forgot we were earthworms Eating out their rotten brains And shitting out their undigestible’s that we were fucking shovels just ‘cause someone throws dirt on you doesn’t mean you can’t throw That shit right off that we were landmines waiting for one, wrong, cocky misstep To bring them to their knees and send their knees into the trees that we were fucking zombies we’d keep rising up ‘cause we didn’t crave brains we craved freedom that we didn’t mind the underground away from their laws and harsh glares that we were Prairie dogs digging tunnels and spending all day just barking and talking shit…