“This is how hard it is to get medical help here”

  1. “First, file 5 sick calls, have medical officer Dunne take you serious, but no one else
  2. Use the grievance process after being ignored for 4 1/2 months
  3. Get seen by a PA, who reviews everything + decides whether to refer to the doc or not. In our case he did
  4. The doc has to review it and present the case to the “Utilization Review Committee” who has to approve it.
  5. I guess the “URC” approves it, which in our case they did, they pass it onto REGIONAL [BOP office], who has to then approve it… Jesus they had 2 months to approve or deny… then once (if) approved they have to make the appointment w/the outside doctor… Three officers + all armed join you at the facility and you are made to wear the electronic belt [shock collar].
    • The Bureau thrives on promoting the health + safety of its captives =) HA Get fucked”

To give more clarity on the process for this particular (quite serious) medical concern. Eric might have missed a couple of steps.

  1. Get approved after 18 months of trying for an outside Dr to evaluate you!
  2. Get abruptly transferred clearing all medical orders from the system
  3. Have your loved ones with the help of compassionate Senators (Thank you Neguse!) follow you being transferred from prison to prison trying to get them to palpitate your neck.
  4. Arrive at USP Lee where the BOP responds to Senator Neguse informing us that there simply is nothing medically found in the afflicted area. They kindly highlight the email to make sure the senator knows exactly who he is helping
This is in response to your inquiries sent to us regarding Mr. Eric King.  In the inquiries, Ms. __________requests information regarding her husband as related to his management variable and medical concerns.  My apologies for this delayed response.  This response provides information as to her concerns. 
Our records show that Mr. King is currently located at USP Lee.  He was previously located at FCI Englewood in pre-trial status.  Mr. King was removed from pre-trial status at FCI Englewood on March 29, 2022, where he later arrived at USP Lee on May 3, 2022.   Our records reveal that while in pre-trial status at FCI Englewood on November 12, 2021, Mr. King was evaluated by the institution’s medical provider for complaints of pain behind ears and to throat.  He was diagnosed on that date with a local infection of the skin and subcutaneous tissue and prescribed antibiotics for treatment.  Later, on November 15, 2021, Mr. King reported that the antibiotics were working, but there was still a lump in his neck.  Records further reveal that a .25cm nodule was palpated at his right anterior submandibular area on this date.  An ultrasound was also ordered at the time. 
Afterwards, on December 2, 2021, a diagnostic test of an ultrasound of the right submandibular region identified an oval circumscribed mass measuring 2.2 x 0.6 x 1.1cm.  The report indicated the finding likely represented as  sonographically unremarkable appearing level 1B lymph node.  Recommendations on the same report indicated repeat imaging and consideration for tissue sampling would be warranted, if the finding enlarges or does not completely resolve in 8-12 weeks.  On February 23, 2022, a follow-up clinical encounter was conducted at FCI Englewood regarding the “lymph gland.”   During the medical visit the evaluation indicated a lesion, cyst at lateral neck, but did not specify size.  As a result, a consultation for a general surgeon for evaluation was ordered on that date.   
Mr. King was later transferred to USP Lee.  Upon his arrival at USP Lee on May 3, 2022, a history and physical exam was conducted via a medical intake screening.  At that time, Mr. King reported having a swollen lymph node under his jawline, but denies swelling at the time.  An examination by Mid-Level provider indicated no masses or nodes, specifically no lymph node enlargement.  A full resolution of previous a infection and localized swelling, mass and lump, neck was documented.  Also, a general surgery consultation discontinued on this date as it is not indicated because Mr. King does not have any palpable lymph note at this time.  The medical provider scheduled Mr. King for a three-year preventative health visit, in accordance with policy, and instructed him that if he notices any lymph node enlargement in the future to report to medical. 
Our inmate population has access to medical care via daily sick call, in which he or she is able to request a sick call visit.  If Mr. King feels that he is suffering from a medical condition, he is strongly encouraged to follow-up with a sick call visit, as needed, for any medical concerns. 
Regarding his management variable, Mr. King has a management variable of greatest severity.  His criminal history involves throwing a cocktail explosive threw a Member’s congressional office window.   Inmates who disagree with BOP decisions regarding their care, including custody classification, are able to appeal through the Administrative Remedy Program. The Administrative Remedy Program allows inmates to appeal decisions at the institutional, regional, and national levels.   At each level, a response is provided to the inmate in writing.
I trust this response addresses your concerns. 
Office of Legislative Affairs 
Federal Bureau of Prisons

However, based on the EXTENSIVE medical work-up done at the ADX (per Eric’s account) it seems there WAS something found there after all. Enough to warrant a MAXIMUM SECURITY specialist doctor visit.

BOP waited and advised Eric to wait THREE YEARS for a follow-up.

To echo the sentiments of EK:

get fucked

What DOES disqualify someone from employment as a federal prison guard?

It turns out the officer who terrorized Eric… the man who took him into the shower in his underwear and broke his head open while handcuffed… Was hired by the government after being partially responsible for a murder, and subsequently losing his job, as a Nebraska sergeant. It was commonplace for this man to use cell assignments as a way of extra discipline in Englewood. In fact, Eric has a write-up from this officer (Gustafson) for refusing an opposing gang cellmate (Bureau of Prisons classified Eric as “affiliated” being anti-fascist, so they can’t give him gang cellmates, as it is against separate regulations).

So the BOP saw… This man lost his job in Nebraska for using the segregation unit as a way to terrorize prisoners, ultimately leading to a blatantly unnecessary death. And they said “hold my beer 😂 do we have a unit for you to work.” They placed him in the segregation unit at FCI Englewood. They were all complacent in his abuse when they refused to take reports regarding his attempted assaults and harassment of Eric leading up to the horrific incident of Eric being attacked in the showers.

One of the write-ups that ended up being a part of Eric’s ADX Supermax placement involved this same officer. The federal prosecutor, knowing what he did to Eric, still brought this officer back to Denver to testify in an attempt to convict Eric of false charges of assault against an officer.

The kicker is, seemingly even after the Nebraska wrongful death lawsuit was settled, the officer is still employed with the Bureau of Prisons. Was even given an out-of-state transfer. Wonder what it takes to lose your job as a federal prison guard 🤷‍♀️


If you’d like to read the full lawsuit and allegations:


If folks are interested in a little of Eric’s history with Officer Gustafson:



UPDATE: Eric’s Latest Civil Suit Filings, and Addressing Illegal Confinement


There have been separate actions and filings undertaken by Eric and his legal team within the last three weeks. https://www.dolawllc.com/

On Monday, February 27th, a habeas petition was filed to address Eric’s illegal confinement within the ADX Supermax in Colorado, along with a demand for an emergency court hearing and a protection order against BOP staff to address:

-Illegal, retaliatory placement within the Supermax

-Years of retaliatory disciplinary hearings by BOP staff

-Denial of all good time credit towards his pending release

-Imprisonment extending beyond the February 2023 projected release date for halfway house or home confinement eligibility

-Years of Eric’s endless captivity in segregation

-The ADX Supermax Special Administrative Procedure policies being publicly unreviewable, and the lack of structure for the release of ADX prisoners being in violation of directives by Congress as well as the Administrative Procedure Act

-Eric’s repeated lack of access to legal counsel, as well as contact with family or the general public

-Years worth of medical care negligence

-The continual denial of administrative review by prison staff for Eric’s maximum security designation and endless placement in segregation

-Conspiracy to place white supremacist prisoners near Eric to target him

-The irreparable harm this will cause to Eric’s safety

The finalized civil complaint was also submitted February 21st, illustrating the BOP’s collusion in various capacities through the Klan Act, Bivens, Tort Claims, and Administrative Procedure Act:

The Klan Act confronts the deprivation of constitutional rights inflicted on citizens by any official acting under color of law, including direct or indirect deprivation of rights. This means government employees who blatantly act with impunity, but also those who knew of a violation and was in a position to prevent the deprivation of rights but did nothing. The Klan Act’s origin was to confront government officials that enabled the Ku Klux Klan to murder, assault, lynch, and attempt coups for power or control elections. It directly confronts racial and class targeting as a discriminatory motive from government officials. This lawsuit reveals specifics of how Eric has been blatantly targeted by prison staff for being antiracist and antifascist.

The Bivens filings compliment the Klan Act, because it specifically applies to federal agents/employees acting unconstitutionally in the name of the US government while performing their official duties.

The Federal Tort Claim that’s filed addresses Eric’s physical injuries, retaliatory destruction of property, and negligence by acting officers of the DOJ and Bureau of Prisons.

The lawsuit also references the Administrative Procedure Act, which was created so “agencies must abide by their own regulations” to prevent abuse of power and impunity. Eric has exhausted all administrative review processes available to prisoners to file grievances or to have a chance to be seen by a judge, with Eric literally targeted and punished by using one of the only avenues available to him as a prisoner to address his 1600+ days in segregation, the violence and harassment inflicted by prison staff, his lack of phone time or visits or mail, lack of access to his attorneys, and lack of proper medical care.

Right now, the very best way to help Eric and his family is to share this fundraiser to prepare for whatever comes next, as he and his family faces dire financial needs to establish life on the outside. Especially while Eric’s family continues to fight to gain approval from probation for Eric to be released to his family’s home.

“White Trash Anarchist” a poem by Eric King

White trash anarchist 
I still love, All the simplest things  
my wife in one hand 
the other, a can of black beans 
hitting every dumpster, 
Target & Barnes and Noble 
Haven’t got any posher 
as I’ve gotten older 
Sit w/Dev in parking lots 
Me & R on starry walks 
and teach my little ones 
how to jam locks 
Deflate the ‘pigs’ rolling prisons 
Tag a bit of wisdom  
finding life a true delight 
outside of capitalism 
we’ve got a system to demolish 
and prisons to abolish 
but where I’ll find the most peace 
this with my little radical family  
with my wife in one hand 
& the other a can of black beans 

1/17 Update!!

Eric is so grateful, overwhelmed and humbled by all of the support that has been coming in. Taylor Swift news. Feedback on his writing. Books, notes, letters. He had tears in his eyes this weekend when he was told about it. Life afterward has been on his mind a lot. Getting out, surviving and raising children. And also wrestling with the inadequate feelings when it comes to job prospects, housing and an incredible foreign world. When he entered prison there was not a ton of people lining up his support him. It took months to get a book purchased from his list. Seeing real tangible support is helping quiet those fears. Thinking about cars, computers and capitalism and how much closer he is to working it all out.

Outdate fundraiser link here (we started at a small goal to help him see a little bit of stability <3 we will be fundraising in different ways as well as adjusting the goal a bit as we get closer) https://gofund.me/a7a87920

He Has been having some really intense neck problems some he has been seeking help for 3 plus years. some new and affecting his movement and ability to respond to letters right now. He wanted us to tell everyone how the letters have been so amazing but it has been so painful to write he has found himself out of necessity needing to shorten his responses as he waits for mri scans

Things have been ok. He has finally has his first phone call with his family since 2018, and first visit since the week after trial. He is a bit overwhelmed by the difference in respect that comes from the guards around him. Well trained guards, because the ADX demands that. Guards that know the law and are asked to follow it. It has definitely caused some reflection and wonder… what would it have been like if he were met with guards like this in Englewood? Florence medium? Leavenworth, USP McCreary? FTC Oklahoma? USP Atlanta? USP Lee?

He is safe and thinking about what it will be like ending this year on his way to freedom <3 We have added some notebooks to his Amazon book list because he needs some paper that is a manageable size. As well as his current obsession and the goal reading every book Colum Mccann has written.


“Just some sad X-mas poems”

More than coffee or peanut butter 
 Or Big Bang returns all night through 
 more than a warm shower 
 or 100 laps in a loop 
 more than some decent toothpaste 
 or a couple of great books to read 
 would be for someone to say 
 “hey how are you doing, 
 are you OK? “
 Merry Xmas 

 My inside bars are green 
 so I pretend to be in the forest 
 there’s predators lurking 
 big &small, gotta keep your wits about you 
 the climate is unpredictable 
 it just takes one miscalculation 
 and your ass is lost  
I scrounge what I can find to eat 
 keep my shadows close to me 
 the jungle is an unforgiving place 
 such is the BOP 

Things I wish I knew 9 years ago

  1. It can always get worse… at CCA I thought nine months segregation pre-trial was wretched and surely illegal torture.. at Englewood low, I was stunned by the harassment that SIS would engage in and the bullshit they put my family through… At Florence medium I was enraged by how long it took emails and books to get through… since I’ve gone YEARS without visits, calls, mail, radios, I’ve been hospitalized by staff, been deprived basics like clothes, food and mail… They can always turn up the heat… And they will in accordance to your spirit and resistance
  1. Most people you meet won’t be anti government, anti cop, or even anti prison… they will hate these institutions in relation to how they oppress them, but not the wider spectrum… This is why radicalization inside is so important and difficult; convincing someone who thinks Michael Brown “deserved it” that they are wrong and misguided is infuriating, yet necessary work. 
  1. No matter what custody level you’re at being respectful and having a routine is VITAL. Eric McDavid hipped me to this at Englewood, but because I was surrounded by creeps, narcs and old folk, it didn’t seem relevant. I would learn though. Having the routine gives you a day structure and a bit of purpose, it gives meaning to a life that at times can feel meaningless. Being active keeps your brain up also… with respect, it’s just a good idea in prison and in life really. About 80% of my issues implied can come from reckless talk and could have been avoided.  
  1. You’ll meet some really good people. People who will look out for you, fight for you, celebrate and mourn with you. You will not always agree on ethical or political issues, but if you push away everyone you will be wildly isolated and that is dangerous … You need people to have your back from other prisoners and from staff… Accept the friendship and use it to try to open minds and hearts. 
  1. People who “support” you can be real friends, keep yourself open and don’t worry about posturing to impressed… To feel as if you “deserve” support or friendship… Some will stick around, some will fall off, neither is an implication of your worth… it’s OK to be you… To love Taylor, to feel for Ted, to have a complicated relationship with the church, to love English football while hating the English empire… be yourself and to be open to love and friendship. 
  1. You don’t have to accept support from people or groups that make you feel conflicted… there’s no obligations… you can speak up and say “no thanks” without feeling guilty or self sabotaging. Trust yourself. 
  1. Grow out your hair. Having long hair is fun, though also being a pain in the ass to dry. 
  1. ASK For the help you want, trust the people who love you to back you. Be proactive with projects you want to start, believe in yourself and your ideas I took too long and people had to tell me it was OK to have wants and needs and to voice them. Prison is more enjoyable when you’re involved in things that make you feel good. 
  1. Being anti fascist, anti racist, or a political prisoner does not remove you from the bullshit inside. You still live in this realm and have to follow basic guidelines… feeling outside it all will cause issues early on… you gotta find ways to walk the line while maintaining your ethics… you have to eat with potentially hateful people, but you don’t have to laugh at their nastiness. Be creative, you’ll find ways… like you can’t work out with other races, but you can teach and take classes with them… there are ways, but be safe. You are not above it all. 
  1. Don’t let people try to buddy hustle you for drug money under the guise of mutual aid… folks will try to use your ethics against you… manipulation is real and so is scheming. People will pretend to share radical ideology, pretend to be interested… then use solidarity to scheme, steal addresses, steal phone minutes ect. Fuck them. There are trash people inside, just like outside. 
  1. Never, ever, let yourself be a victim. 
  1. Feel the hurt, be vulnerable with those you love and trust, let yourself stay human, not an institutionalized robot. You’re in this world, but it isn’t your world, there’s so much more to your life an existence than your captivity. 
  1. Fight to win. 

Eric’s release fundriser is LIVE and can be found here https://www.gofundme.com/f/release-funds-for-political-prisoner-eric-king

“Perspective” a poem by Eric King

Got to see Mahomes play today
what a wonderful world to be in
Iranian women are risking their lives
for just a taste of freedom
What matters most, depends upon
under what stars you are dreaming
One persons Koi fish pond
is another’s piranha
Sometimes its easy to feel the breeze
bask in the beauty of fauna
Sometimes just getting out of bed
is a victory over the trauma
You can go to Jordan, & see the Petra
or get trapped in a CIA prison
What may seem a tasty veal steak
is another beings dead children
Go ahead & wear a Christian mask
to cover your fascism
Got to see Casemiro today
A perfect world to be in