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    EK’s thoughts on Willem VanSpronsen

    Today I’m sitting in this cockroach-infested Cesspool called USP Atlanta. Many political prisoners have come through here, if he had survived Willem VanSpronsen would have potentially come through here as well. Instead he offered up his life and the state was more than happy enough to seize it, one less headache for them. I’ve been thinking about him, his action, reading his writings and motives. My heart has ached for him because I know how it feels to care so much you absolutely MUST act. Willem used his personal perspective and scope, thought about what his options were and decided with his heart and brain that he was ready to…

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    Shirts/poetry books/stickers ect

    We have some various items to fundraise for Eric! We have shirts in Large and Extra large. And ONE small left. If you are an overseas support group or would wish to print some and fundraise/table them yourself please email us @ eksupportcrew(@)riseup(dot)net We also have small stickers of the same design We have a couple other designs for stickers We have a poetry book/zine made for us by Radical paper press for fundraising! Titled “Pacing in my cell” As well as another by Radical Paper Press We have some posters available Some patches We do have a few of the old style shirts available as well One Large black…

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    Erics birthday/Update/Message

    Yesterday Eric was transferred to USP Lee in Virginia. He will still not be allowed photos, books, magazines (we are looking into newspapers) or cards and will be housed in the segregated housing unit SHU. After a year he still unfortunately still has not been given glasses nor are his family able to send any. August 2nd It will be Erics birthday. After a super long exhausting year we would love for folks to be able to send some love. Since he is not allowed to be sent books in segregation and because the BOP no longer allows cards we are asking folks to send him interesting articles, cartoons, memes,…

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    “Oh Prison” a poem by Eric King

    Oh prison  You must think so poorly of me  Think I’m weak enough to fold  tisk tisk  I’m not a fucking inmate, I’m a captive  even if I spend 50 years here, my humanity stays  I won’t hate those that you sucked into your trap  keep your ‘cars’ chap, I can’t be bothered  you’re a petulant waste of time  Not converting for me, no head shaves or Qurans  God aint real, neither is white power  my happiness is mine and you can’t lay a finger  Didn’t you know you’re dealing with a fighter?  Block the phone & the mail, you’ve accomplished nothing  snake scum, maggot  the beauty I see in the world wont be diminished  by your…

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    Update and message from Eric

    On June 21st Eric was picked up from USP McCreary and brought to the federal transfer center in Oklahoma. We anxiously await to see if the BOP is ready to drop this bullshit once and for all and send him somewhere he can do his time in peace. Things feel super complicated because on June 18th Eric was in an altercation with his cell mate in segregation. After the prisons previous attempt to stick a nazi in with him this isnt a surprise. We are hopeful that he will be transferred without a disciplinary shot. The chance that all of this may start over again is terrifying. While Eric is…

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    “to Chelsea Manning” a poem by Eric King

    Chelsea chelsea chelsea They kept the keys within reach Desperate to hurt you Fiending for vengeance The main news focuses on a rapist While you focus on justice Unbending in your ethics Maybe they thought you soft Forgetting your iron core Striking while most vulnerable Promising, if you talk then you walk How they rage out at your reserve A jaw welded shut Only allowing out dissident words You’ve seen their hatred, felt the venom Fox called you a traitor Deserving of the guillotine or dungeon Wearing their weighted shackles With your neck never falling Hopefully your freedom next time Will be longer

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    Update on Eric’s Attack and situation

    We have word for what went down with Eric at USP McCreary. On Friday may 13h the BOP’s attempt to send Eric to the CMU or communication management unit was rejected (his SMU or special management unit transfer request had been rejected 2 months prior). The BOP attempted to send him to these high security specialized prisons as a consequence for being attacked by a lieutenant and guards at FCI Florence, but we all can see it is a consequence for his continuing to speak out against the BOP and federal prison system. Communication management units are used to place prisoners in an incredibly isolated situation to severely limit communication…

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    Eric Back in Segregation after attack at USP McCreary

    Last week Eric got news that his CMU transfer was rejected. He was placed on the yard at USP McCreary despite officers and lieutenants expressing their knowledge he was in danger being an anti-fascist prisoner. The 280 days of solitary confinement has done emotional damage to him and he couldn’t stand the thought of 6 more months that would be given to him if he chose to be safe and refused to enter general population. On the yard he was told that the “long term” phone block Eric has would end after “a few years of good behavior”. This means no hope of talking to his family anytime soon. Monday…

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    Update on Erics Confinement

    We have word from Eric. He is being held in segregation at McCreary. He was immediately intercepted by SIS officers upon arriving and put into the special housing unit. It appears McCreary is just a spot to hold him while the BOP is working out where they send him. Right now he can not receive books, photos, post cards or cards. EVERYTHING needs to be written in blue or black ink on standard paper. Please do not use any thicker stock or borders on the paper. Letters with mailing labels will be rejected. Eric is only being allowed 2 envelopes a week so there is a good chance he will not…

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    Eric placed at USP McCreary

    This morning Eric showed up in the system as being placed at USP McCreary. Though he is at a point level for a lesser security prison the BOP decided that (because he had been assaulted by staff) he is too dangerous for a prison of that security level so they gave him a “management variable” so they could place him. Florence was able to choose Eric’s destination, the BOP has no problems with the prison who tortured a prison to further implement their will and take their reccomendations. We dont know if he will go into General population at McCreary. Or if this is a placment while they continue to…