Words from Eric

Hello friends, comrades & government voyeur (sic) creeps! 

Recently the fucking pukes at the bureau decided it’d be best to cut off my mail again…. this along with the telephone ban, essentially strangling my contact with the outside world… all this while pre-trial… ugh. Really its fucking exhausting and it gets really old, This is systematic and intentional and a vindication of both my revolutionary spirit/actions inside, and the AMAZING Support from our community. 

It was really amazing throughout December, getting to reconnect with dear friends…. And getting to meet so many great new people. Truly I felt so loved and supported coming off the first mail ban, It blew me away to have so much solidarity and support. Unreal love. 

I’m hoping to have the mail shit overturned before six months, in the meantime. We have trial in early October. I’m asking everyone to keep me in mind, to encourage trial attendance, to call out the BOP (at every level), to pls keep in touch with the site-either checking for updates or dropping a line. 

To all the folks that have sent magazines and books holy fuck thank you! You’ve spoiled me endlessly. To everyone who came out on New Year’s eve to make some noise. Job well done we have got to be vocal and visible and put a spotlight on the Bureau. 

Ok friends, I’ll update again soon. Thank you for everything  🙂


Legal Update

We wanted to let you know that Eric King’s trial has been pushed to October 12th in the U.S District Court of Colorado in Denver.  This was granted by the Judge because Eric’s lawyers requested a continuance, in part, based on gaps in the discovery (legal documents shared between both parties) and that FCI Florence is closed to legal visits (the site of the incident in question needs to be inspected). 

Eric continues to be held in segregation at FCI Englewood and has been held there a minimum of 23 hours a day for 551 days or over 1 year and 6 months. The United Nations  has stated that being held in solitary confinement/segregation over 15 days constitutes ‘torture’ and we fully agree. Eric has not only been held in segregation but has experienced near constant  harassment, many incident reports and is now not allowed to receive mail from outside (other than his immediate family) for the second time, for sketchy reasons. Eric wrote a pretty amazing description of life in segregation recently. Read it at https://solitarywatch.org/2020/09/30/voices-from-solitary-flipping-the-script/

While you cannot write Eric directly, you can still send him books and magazines. In fact, when Eric was last allowed to write, he expressed how much he appreciated the deluge of books he received from supporters. Please check out Eric’s list at tiny.cc/EK_Books  and order 1-2, or what you can! He is a voracious reader and helps him deal with the situation before him. 

Eric is facing up to 20 years for an incident in which he was actually assaulted. He needs your support. Please follow us on social media and continue to hold him in your hearts. We will let you know when there are more concrete requests. 

Read Eric’s latest poem 

Check out the Eric King playlist 2.0 at http://tiny.cc/hx3rtz
(Certain elements of Eric King’s support crew does not endorse this playlist. LOL)

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“Can you feel the heat rising”


Can you feel the heat rising?  

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire 

Eyes in the scope 

Watching from the guard tower 

Taking back our lives 

Seems like the time is now 

Do you think they can feel the tides 

Shifting on the ground? 

Do you think they can hear 

As our voices got louder? 

Alarm bells sing 

We’re not ready to disperse 

Despite what they preach 

They’re not ready for the worst 

Hit em’ in the wallet  

Hit em’ where it hurts 

Hear the people chanting  

No justice in the courts 

We’re rocking in the streets 

On our way to the feast 

Time to hold steady 

Strapping on our cleats 

Policing is a disease 

And we are the vaccine 

They’ve got too much blood on their hands 

And they wont come clean 

Eric is given yet another 6 month correspondence restriction

On January 5th, 2021, Eric was once again placed on a 6- month communication restriction in response to a New Year’s Eve noise demo that was held outside of FCI Englewood by various groups in Denver, a demo that happens every single year at prisons worldwide. After being accused of organizing the demo, the BOP finally admitted that they are aware  that Eric had nothing to do with the noise demo. Despite this fact, the BOP North Central Regional office instructed  Englewood to restrict Eric’s communication.   

Apparently, in the BOP prisoners will be held responsible for anything anyone may do. It is interesting though that in 2017 when the right-wing Bundy family attempted to force their way into the prison to visit a prisoner they stood in solidarity with, driving around the parking lot, evading guards, blasting music… there were no disciplinary actions or restrictions enforced on the prisoner. This must be another special BOP rule that only applies to anti-fascists. 

Eric can no longer correspond with anyone outside his family and lawyer. He is again cut off from communication from anyone that might offer him support and strength and solidarity during a global pandemic. He is again isolated from all contact with friends that matter deeply to him.

If folks want to help, he can receive books. These can be a great distraction for him and all of the prisoners he passes them onto, especially during this next level federal lock-down.  

Donations to the bad ass lawfirm who has stepped up for him in a real way can be made, to help ensure they have the resources to continue to stand behind folks who are fighting oppression in real ways.  

“I don’t know what to write Eric about”

Eric King 27090045
FCI Englewood
9595 w Quincy ave
Littleton co 90501

Ridiculous list of things Eric is into

  • Soccer/Football – Thumbs up- Manchester united, celtics, Sporting KC. Thumbs down Leeds, Chelsea, Arsenal or Manchester City :p
  • Dad Jokes
  • Crawly things
  • Puns
  • Alliterations
  • IRA
  • New science stuff you have read about
  • Comedians, Comedies, Anything funny
  • Boxing news
  • The moon
  • memes
  • “non-bro country”
  • Folk punk
  • So much music
  • yes even Taylor Swift
  • Witchcraft
  • Making lists
  • Bad Cartoons
  • Scrabble
  • Hearing about the misfortunes of officers/nazis
  • saying “I head this story on NPR the other day”
  • Stories of animals punking humans
  • The american football team who shall not be named from Kansas City
  • Poetry

Talk to Eric about things he is reading..

We will find a better way to provide this, but these are the books most recently sent to Eric from his booklist

Please write on only white paper
Please use a white envelope without a label
Please refrain from talking about his current case
Please be aware that not only will Eric be reading said letter, but so will the Prison, Feds, Prosecutor ect
No cards 🙁

UPDATE- Eric in Quarantine with COVID and Mail Ban TEMPORARILY Lifted- Message from Eric

On the 27th Eric and 95 other prisoners tested positive at FCI Englewood. Per a letter from the 22nd it seems that someone in Erics unit had been sick for 6 days and was not tested or isolated from even his cellmate. Despite the fact Englewood has had a rapid screen machine since may per FOIA documents. (https://www.bop.gov/foia/docs//Current_AbbottIDNow_Machine_Locations_5192020.pdf) They also failed to follow protocol and because of that in a single day they had 95 positive tests. 

This is incredibly frustrating because at the End of October Englewood had no active COVID cases when the BOP thought it was a good idea to sent employees from FCI Florence where there were active staff cases to FCI Englewood to seemingly intimidate him (https://supportericking.org/2020/11/02/11-2-2020-update-eric/). Within 10 days the first staff positive showed up and within a month there are at least 126 active prisoner cases and  30 active staff cases.  ( 

Florence isn’t doing too much better. Yet the two complexes are STILL sharing staff. 

We received this message  to folks prior to him getting sick he wanted to share 

Hello hello hello! 

I want to check in with everyone who cares ( and all the government creeps stalking the page, we see you we still hate you FTTP) this was supposed to be the month my Mail “privileges” were returned. Apparently a differing opinion about what six months means might push it back to January. I’m working with the admin here to have that corrected. I really miss letters. I missed my friends, caring about your lives, adventures, pets all of it hopefully soon we can get to chatting again and building/ maintaining strong friendships. I’ve been getting some magazines recently, either in bundle packages or subscriptions THANK YOU so f’n much. magazines and books are so crucial, when you’re stuck in the damn SHU forever, they can be a lifeline to the world. Thank you billions to everyone who have looked out for me in any way. 

We are still pending trial, still in the SHU, still going through it and things have not been pleasant really. I commend everyone who took to the streets, who continue to fight in 1000 different ways. Trump’s gone, Barr’s gone, nothing is changing though. Police and prisons still exist, our enemies still exist, hunger still exists, patriarchy, imperialism, capitalism all still exist. 

I love you all, thank you for everything! 

Until All Prisons Are Rubble, Antifa ALWAYS (A)  

-EK (A) 

Eric’s book list has been closed because the prison has been super sketchy about sometimes just choosing to and all the books he receives back. he feels really bad about the funds that are wasted when this happens. But he has been regularly receiving his books so we’re going to give this another go and open his book list again!

We just received news that Erics mail ban has expired however he was told there was a 99.9% chance that they will give him another 6 month correspondence restriction. 6 more months cut off from the world during a global pandemic. Mail is the only actual right that a prisoner has in prison. And the Bill Barr BOP has found a way to take it away from him for a year. As well as TWO years of illegal phone restrictions at this point.

If you can or feel so inclined to do so and want to send some love as fast as you possibly can please today drop something in the mail

Eric King 27090045
FCI Englewood
9595 W Quincy ave
Littleton Co 80501

Please keep it light, nothing about his case, COVID, or mail ban.

He misses everyone SO MUCH and just wants to hear from his friends. He was pretty sick but feels he may be on the mend

Read Eric’s article in Solitary Watch!

Eric’s amazing account of life in solitary confinement in the Bureau of Prisons has been featured in Solitary Watch. Read about the lived experience of people in the system and not experts! This article beautifully describes the Kafkaesque existence of over 10,000 people being housed in segregation for at least 23 hours a day in the Bureau of Prisons.