Flood the Mailroom in support of Eric

Update 2/28/2019

Eric has been moved to the Federal Transfer center in Oklahoma. The phone block is still in place. We will update when he is placed at a new prison and what we can do to continue to fight to open the lines of communication with his family.



Show Eric we are all here for him!!!

Get your owls ready and help us get word to Eric regarding his acceptance into the Leavenworth School of Slavery and Torture. The boy who survived has been moved from under the stairs and has been residing in a small box and needs your help to get him word regarding what his time in school will entail.


Update on Eric’s Disciplinary hearing https://supportericking.org/2019/02/12/update-eric-king-2122019/


If your letter is rejected please appeal this rejection which is your right (though they will not inform you as they are required). We suggest either sending a letter to the facility (same address but addressed to the warden Nicole English). If this is not possible you can state your desire to appeal the rejection to this email LVN/[email protected].


Thank you!
Ek Support Team


PLEASE put YOUR name and a return address on the envelope. Address and send to


[ Since Eric has been moved he can no longer receive mail at USP Leavenworth]


Below are word and PDF files for easy printing as well as the text of the letter.

HOGWARTS  (word)


Leavenworth School of Slavery and Torture
Headmaster: Hugh J. Hurwitz Regional Headmaster Jeffrey E. Krueger Warden and Headmistress Nicole English Assistant Warden and Headmistress Department of Magical Enforcement Ms Bryant Special Investigation services Lt Larson Assistant Warden Grant

Dear Mr Eric King 27090045,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at the Leavenworth School of Slavery and torture. Enclosed is a list of all necessary equipment and potential experiences. Azkaban has nothing on us. Term began on September 17th 2016 and will end on August 19th 2023 obviously subject to change and believe me we will do our best to ensure your stay us is with as long as possible.
During your time at Leavenworth School of Slavery and torture your will have the PRIVILEGE of working for pennies on the dollar to either keep the institution running by filling all of the janitorial, meal prep, repair or various jobs we would otherwise have to pay people to do. If this isn’t sufficient wages you are permitted to also work for any other capitalist scum that pays us for your slave labor. Because we all know “mo money mo problems”.
Students do not need to worry about buying a magic pet themselves all manner of vermin from rats to bugs walk the campus halls to keep you company. Please dont mind the extreme temperatures and occasional flood we take our time to adjust to seasonal change because it is important to remind our students that we have no fucks to give regarding their safety of comfort. Because what would a school of slavery and torture be without… well you get the picture.
You may follow our legal process by filling out a grievance (if you can manage to get one from our legal gatekeepers) which we will promptly file in the rubbish because obviously we are not going to follow a process that may lead to any consequences to the institution or staff. If you are feeling unsafe because of any of us don’t worry we care and will promptly send you as far from your family as possible. If any of our staff injure you in any way we will immediately charge you. But don’t worry we will investigate ourselves and hold a fair hearing where we will uphold the charge and further isolate you from your loved ones and prevent you from purchasing food, medicine and anything to make your stay in your special private room sans any comfort, conversation or feeling of safety. Because we believe here at Leavenworth School of Slavery and torture that reform begins at loss of sanity. We ensure you return to us since we enjoy profiting from your work while selling you goods and time with your loved ones.
While you stay at Leavenworth School of Slavery and torture we will make sure to take every opportunity to create conflict between you and your family by limiting the phone time (that you will be responsible to pay for), visits and connection with the outside world. We will use your love for your family to ensure you discipline your fellow students via mob justice when we decide they deserve it. To receive any privilege or placement into safer schools your attendance is mandatory in our classes meant to remove all self value where we teach you just how responsible you are for the pain and suffering of the folks that you love while simultaneously driving a wedge between you and your family. If this causes intentional damage to your mental health you are welcome to beg and plead to see our (not top notch but I am sure they fall somewhere on the spectrum) mental health team. We would be happy to remind you that you are at at fault for your feelings and remind you that you are only hurting yourself.
Remember if your relationship somehow survives between your loved ones and yourself and they try to help keep you safe in any way, we will remove all ability for them to contact you. This is for your safety and the safety and order of the institution. This is particularly for your own good because it has shown family contact lowers recidivism rates and we love to see you return and stay with us. So much so that our mailroom works tirelessly to arbitrarily deny your correspondence for invisible limitations and deny any reading material we catch a whim about. At Leavenworth School of Slavery and torture we want to keep you guessing and waste as much of your loved ones money as possible.
If your family has a concern and wishes to speak with any staff we will let the phone ring indefinitely or transfer you to a staff voicemail box that staff are instructed to never return the calls. Does email work better? Our very own executive assistant who is classically trained in the art of deception and would be happy to feed you or your legal representative lies. Just in case you have a masochistic appetite for half or no truths. We aim for your family to experience no fo-mo so we allow them to share your experiences. Family trauma bonding is important to your path through school.
During your time at Leavenworth School of Slavery and torture we want you to take advantage of all of our amenities included our (again not top notch but I am sure they fall somewhere on the spectrum) medical staff. We have worked hard to make sure they are easily accessible by assigning them guard duty because our medical staff LOVES to work in the capacity of direct torture and. They are always available to scream in your face or feel you up. If you need a higher level of care you are welcome to put your name on the 1-2 year waiting list where we don’t waste your time and keep appointments as short as possible. We do not like any of our students to worry about their health so our (again not top notch but I am sure they fall somewhere on the spectrum) medical staff will ensure you that there is nothing wrong with you.
Enjoy visits?Enjoy visits? We set the mood by sexualizing your children and female loved ones. We also use our magic machines (please ignore those pesky FOIA requests stating we are not to use on visitors) that we use to make sure visiting is exclusive, if we let everyone in it wouldn’t be as special. After we violate your family to set the mood even further we will strip you of your clothing and dignity while our staff (specially selected by their specific kinks) inspects your every crevice. This sets the tone of the visit before you purchase snacks provided by more capitalist scum and get creative playing our games that are all missing pieces.
We have assigned some of your classmates as prefects. They will work diligently to inform our staff of any wrongdoings of students (real or otherwise) and hand out beatings for your well-being. Despite our cute rules and regulation (that only you are required to follow) we may select you for an enhanced experience by either our staff or prefects that we instruct to act on our behalf and physically discipline you in whatever means we deem necessary. This can include but are not limited to, being pulled into closets and beat, tied to a bed soaked in your own blood and urine, put in a private room with strobe lights overhead but really. We don’t like to limit our staff and students and believe they should always shoot for the stars so death and brain damage beatings are always an option.
Yours sincerely,

Nicole English

Nicole English
Warden and Headmistress


First-year students will require:
1. Beige jumpsuit (whatever random size we give you)
2. Used socks and underwear
3. Hats and sweats are available for purchase however be prepared to be attacked by guards because… well “why didnt you read our individual guards minds before wearing into dayroom”
  • Guide of rules and regulations- subject to change based on our whim and not actually applicable to the staff or institution in any way. We do love to restrict your access to reading these ruled whenever we can.
  • From publisher only!! This way we ensure only the best quality and the highest cost to your family. Which we reserve the right to take at any time. Sharing is caring and bored staff is potentially dangerous staff (which we have ensured have the lowest level of education and the highest level of trauma by employing sadistic mentally unstable fucks) so staff has first go at your reading material.
  • Radios or MP3 players are available for purchase, this is such an enjoyable experience we care and want to make sure it never stops so you have the privilege of enjoying it over and over as we smash and break them or loose them every time you change schools.
  • You are allowed to provide us with as much information as you wish (so that we may learn what hurts you and customize your trauma via your Leavenworth School of Slavery and torture) via personal email. Lower education level and proficiency will incur extra costs as you pay by the minute.
  • Since we know you all feel the need to nourish your bodies we have selected various processed foods available for purchase.
  • We also allow you to purchase YOUR VERY OWN TOILET PAPER AND SANITARY NAPKINS!!!! Walking to the bathroom a pain??? Never fear we have our toilets close to your bed so you are not inconvenienced. Guaranteed to never feel lonely in the bathroom again as you can engage in brilliant conversation with your roommate as you relieve yourself.

We are excited to profit on your backs and slavery. Don’t bother your pretty little heads with the 13th amendment. We love shaping young minds and remove your ability to exist in society. Your education doesn’t end when you leave. Challenging continuing education classes such as finding housing or work with your degree will keep you busy after your schooling ends.

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