Update on Eric’s Attack and situation

We have word for what went down with Eric at USP McCreary. On Friday may 13h the BOP’s attempt to send Eric to the CMU or communication management unit was rejected (his SMU or special management unit transfer request had been rejected 2 months prior). The BOP attempted to send him to these high security specialized prisons as a consequence for being attacked by a lieutenant and guards at FCI Florence, but we all can see it is a consequence for his continuing to speak out against the BOP and federal prison system. Communication management units are used to place prisoners in an incredibly isolated situation to severely limit communication with the outside world. These prisons are described as torture and deprivation by those who have experienced them. The special management unit is where the BOP sends the most “violent” prisoners in the federal prison system. They decided that he deserved to go to either of them though he didn’t qualify. They threw everything they could at him and it didn’t stick.

Friday may 17th after a lieutenant and a guard expressed to Eric that he would be attacked on the yard (for being anti-fascist) he was placed in general population. Prisoners are often asked to choose between being safe and choosing not to walk a yard they will be hurt on or the punishment the prison imposes if they choose to keep themselves safe. Eric had already spent 280 days in segregation and the extra 6 months of solitary and the loss of commissary and potential visits was too heavy. Under duress these decisions were made. The prison reinforces prison culture that you just need to take the beating, attack that is coming to you. He chose to walk the yard and accept the impending attack. He chose to walk the yard knowing this was a setup.

On Friday May 20th Eric was called into an office by guards and again offered to accept the punishment that would be given to him if he chose to leave the yard in an attempt to avoid being attacked. To be clear, telling a prison guard that you aren’t safe because you are going to be attacked by someone is snitching. Even saying you aren’t safe without naming someone “checking in” will put you in a position where for the rest of your sentence you can not walk on a regular non “drop-out” yard again and is considered “dry-snitching” by some. Though they brought him into this “meeting” and asked him if he is safe and going to walk back out in the yard and verbalized they knew he wast. Getting that “choice” on record that isn’t really a choice at all.

[email from the day eric was attacked]

As soon as Eric informed them he would go back to the yard the guards told him they decided to take him to the “chow hall” at a time that his unit does not eat. They took him to a caged area that a very large man was waiting in. With the guards watching this man began to question Eric about his anti-fascist tattoos and then attacked him. The whole week he was on the yard no one asked about or noticed his tattoos, the lieutenant on the other hand made a big point to talk about them. Take that for what you will but suddenly this man waiting for him was real curious about all of this. Eric doesnt remember defending himself but it was a big blur and was told he did. He said the guards let it happen for a bit. He estimates receiving and ducking about 20 punches. He wasnt seriously injured but did sustain significant bruising and minor injuries across his whole body. It was nowhere near the beating he received at Florence by the guards.

Eric was brought to segregation where he received a disciplinary shot for fighting. This shot coincidentally makes him eligible for the SMU again. If they choose it could be another 4-6 months or longer waiting for this process. They held a disciplinary hearing in which he was not able to defend him self. They decided that he did indeed fight and lost 22 days of good time and 4 months of being able to purchase food for himself or other items. This is never good because the BOP only guarantees one “non-flesh” meal a day which often contains dairy. Purchasing food is super important for him.

He still is unable to talk to or visit with his family. The phone block as it stands should take years of good behavior to fall off. Its sad that to him, getting email for a week and actual real time contact with his wife was 100% worth the beating. This says a lot about the deprivation that he has experienced.

Please send Eric some love. Mail/articles are GREATLY appreciated. He can not receive books. The prison has specific mail guidelines that will be pasted below. PLEASE share what is going on with Eric with our community and show up for him. He needs us. In 80 days it will have been a year that he hasnt seen his family. No ability to call them. Its up to us to keep him going right now. If folks want to donate to travel/commissary so when they are able his family can come out to see him. You can do so here


At the end of the day, a little over a week after the regional offices denied his CMU/SMU referrals somehow he suddenly becomes eligible again. This situation was clearly orchestrated and is super concerning. The BOP is sending a message loud and clear that they will get theirs with him no matter what. This makes us fearful for Eric’s safety during the last 4 years of his sentence.

With love and rage

-EK support crew

These articles MUST be in black and white on non glossy standard weight printer paper. Letters to eric must be typed or written in black ink on the same type of paper. No borders, pencil, colored envelopes, no address labels and please number the pages so he knows if something is missing.


PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANY BOOKS as he will not receive them and there is no guarantee they will be returned.

Eric King 27090045

P.O. BOX 3000
PINE KNOT, KY  42635

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