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    Eric’s Declaration regarding abuse at FCI Englewood

    The following is a declaration by Eric that was filed on 3/10/2020 detailing the abuse he has suffered at the hands of FCI Englewood. The motion itself, the exhibits and the affidavit of his attorney are available to be read in the update section of his legal defense fundraiser You can write Eric at Eric King 27090045FCI Englewood9595 w Quincy aveLittleton co 80123 https://fundrazr.com/e1cKo1

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    The email that resulted in getting Eric attacked at FCI Florence

    We wanted to share the email that Eric sent his wife the morning of August 17th 2018 that resulted in him being brought into the mop closet and attacked at FCI Florence. The complete court filing documents and exhibits are available to be viewed in the update section of the fundraiser https://fundrazr.com/e1cKo1?ref=fb_58lmub_ab_55znQaWMPBu55znQaWMPBu Write Eric at Eric King 27090045FCI ENGLEWOOD9595 W Quincy aveLittleton co 80501

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    Eric’s Legal Defense Fundraiser and Case Filings… CONTENT/TRIGGER warning.

    CONTENT/TRIGGER warning… state sanctioned torture and violence. [While its uncomfortable for *US* to see this photo, and it brings all sorts of feelings imagine what this felt like for Eric. This image is sensitive and while it is public record Eric has given consent for it to be shared. It is a very vulnerable image of him and his body. We ask if folks use this image elsewhere to please link back to the fundraiser/update page (as well as Eric’s blog and Facebook and twitter support page) for context and so folks have the ability to read the exhibits and motions in conjunction so that it is not just gratuitous…

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    FCI Englewood tries again to remove Erics Visits

    Eric’s partner posts a blog speaking out about the abuse they are suffering at the hands of FCI Englewood…. She expresses concerns that because of the choice to speak out and share their story, staff would attempt to illegally restrict visits. Staff have been instructed to check his support blog daily as well as numerous newspapers in case any messages are being given to him via the USA Today (lol). 7 hours and 42 minutes later Eric received his first shot (disciplinary write-up) for using the bathroom and being unable to stand for count. 5 hours later he receives another. He received a total of 5 shots in 24 hours.…

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    Update on Eric’s Confinement

    This is going to be very long a lot more personal than we usually post. For the first time Eric’s partner feels like they need to speak out and share what has been happening to their family. “There has been radio silence on our end for a bit, and for that I apologize. So much has been happening with Eric, but we have felt incredibly anxious and afraid to publicize. It’s been so terrible that even right now…I feel extremely overwhelmed and panicked to write this all out. We have sat on a draft of this for a month now. But its pretty real that FCI Englewood has terrorized our…

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    Brief Update on Eric King

    We have been unable to share a lot lately because of ongoing issues with the prison. We hope to be able to share lot more within the week but have a brief update Eric would like to send out. Eric is being held since arriving at FCI Englewood indefinitely in segregation since arriving in August. The prison has yet to provide a reason for this detention. There is no disciplinary sanctions being served nor reason to continue to hold him in segregation.   He can not receive books. Letters need to be on white or lined paper. He can now receive newspapers and magazines. There has been a ton of mail…

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    Eric King facing up to 20 more years in prison

    [ for folks who are unaware Eric is an anarchist and anti-fascist prisoner who was sentenced to 10 years for an attempted arson, an action in solidarity with the Ferguson uprising in Kansas city. Throwing two Molotov cocktails into a state representatives office at night time. He has since remained outspoken against the prison system. Exposing abuses and standing tall in the face of constant attacks and oppression] In august of last year Eric was dragged into a broom closet and attacked by Lt Wilcox at FCI Florence. Attacked because he is an anarchist and anti-fascist. It was timed to line up with the surgery for his wifes cancer. He…

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    Eric In Transit to Colorado

    Eric was picked up this morning to be taken to Colorado. We do not know what facility he is heading to. Hope to have an address soon. Eric is going to need all of the love he can get because the next step will be court and to face whatever the state is throwing at him. He should be placed in a private non-BOP facility and his commissary money will not follow him. You can donate here

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    Eric Called Into Court For Unknown Reasons

    Yesterday on the eve of the anniversary of the attack in FCI Florence Erics family received word he was picked up at 3am on august 13th and told he was being called into court on a “writ” its been 5 days and he still hasnt seen any papers or been told where he is headed. It feels likely that they are bringing him back to Colorado to try to charge him federally for being dragged into a broom closet, attacked and then kicked in the head repeatedly by 6 officers, tied to a 4 point bed covered in blood for 8 hours having to urinate on himself before being placed…