“Encouranging Others to Riot” by poem… the haps at FCI Englewood

While the BOP is upgrading their website and pretending they have some sort of plan to keep folks alive during this pandemic, FCI Englewood is again up to no good.

We can assume in a retaliatory (previously predicted) move inspired by either a) the court filings regarding the ongoing and constant abuse the BOP is continuing to serve Eric via FCI Englewood or b) the article that was published that exposes some pretty gross fash BOP/Guard, Eric has been given two separate severe disciplinary infractions.

BOP Disciplinary Program Statement is available here if folks want to follow along


All disciplinary write-ups are categorize by severity level, 300’s being least severe and 100’s being the most severe. Different level offenses bring on different disciplinary procedures. But the common theme in all of them is the only defense you are allowed (because no lawyers) is: one of *them* (BOP) that they pick to “defend” you… against their own. 300’s don’t even involve hearings and 200-100 series shots can come with additional federal criminal charges.

Eric was given two shots, one of the greatest severity offense (100 series) and highest level of offense (200 series).

The 100 series shot Eric received on 3/31 was for
1. Encouraging others to riot and
2. Use of the mail to further criminal activity (greatest seventy)

The story goes the CTU or Counter Terrorism Unit of the BOP contacted FCI Englewood when a NY ABC newsletter that is sent into prisons re-published a poem that Eric wrote that the BOP is considering a direct threat to the warden.

I first heard your voice when I was 15
Had no idea what it was to be free
Sheriffs kicking in doors, leaving furniture in the streets
Learning you could starve if you didn’t have the means
All the saints taught me, listen to no worldly kings
Principal, coaches & priests, all the same things
When the police blinded me with war chemicals
laughter was my partner, I hadn’t broken my rules
After god went away, Anarchy never faded
Politicians love to recruit but I can’t be persuaded
My anarchy, grew with me, walmart & McDonalds Protests
Activism always went through stages
learn-act, learn more-act more, growth, always growth
Sometimes I was an an archo-fascist, forcing my freedom
with fists and knives, words and hated
the first dominant behavior I had to destroy
Was my own loud-always-right voice
To me Anarchy meant facing up to my own
Patriarchy, xenophobia, racism, homophobia
All of my most productive battles weren’t vs cops
But against hidden learned behaviors
Anarchy meant allowing growth, loving myself
to acknowledge being harmful
The revolution always begins between our 2 ears
& the more I open myself to experiences not my own
The better I become
For me anarchy is in the heart & in the streets
I meant friendship, not chances to be judge
I’ve failed in this aspect many times
Anarchy was a way to live free
A way to find what that means
then instill it in my everyday life
Anarchy means standing up when it counts
Being there when able
My anarchism couldn’t have existed
In a vacuum removed from action
There was never a movement for me
nor was I a “loan wolf”
Sometimes comrades joined me
other times the goddess was my partner
There was no attendance, roll-call
Just a desire to make the world better
Anarchy to me meant love, it meant calm
it was living how you want the world to be
Some took it in lots of opposing directions
that was ok also
No one owns an idea
although some swear to have the receipt
My anarchism loved plants & nature
wasn’t a big fan of consumerism
& hated genocidal meat “farms”
… My anarchism loved people who love people
Cops, military folks, government bureaucrats were not welcome
If your prerogative was to limit, take from or own/control people
we were enemies
Does anarchy still exist?
I pray so
I’m afraid of the internet swallowing it whole
& “clicktivism” overriding activism
Of sectarianism splintering any progress being made
Of Trump wearing everyone out
then some being convinced in electoral leadership
But only if Berndog wins
Prisons need to be burned, CEOs beheaded
communities need to grow & heal together
That’s what Anarchism is to me
Action based healing and growing

100 series shots, or GREATEST level severity shots carry some pretty hefty sanctions

When speaking with his staff representative Eric was told that the only way to even SEE this “evidence” against him is to file a Freedom of Information request since it is classified. They recommend he just plea to the disciplinary charge

Already disciplinary hearings are a joke and now he is not allowed to even review the evidence against him. Despite the fact this could impact his legal case he is not permitted his own defense or even to MEET with his lawyer at this time. This shot as well as the other can carry the shadow of a potential charge whenever it strikes their fancy. The Federal Colorado prosecutors waited until a year after his first incident to bring up the charges Eric faces now in court.

Eric’s second shot came on 4/3 when he was showering and a guard led a sex offender into and through the showers. The guard alleges that Eric shook a shampoo bottle at them and a drop of water got into the guard’s eye.

Eric is now being charged internally again for assault of an officer.

It really is unnecessary to unpack this with some deep explanation for what is going on here. Its pretty blatant. Eric was clear Englewood was going to find a way to prevent his family from visiting…. that happened. The BOP is responding as the BOP does when they are exposed https://truthout.org/articles/incarcerated-anti-fascists-report-targeted-beatings-by-guards/ https://supportericking.org/2020/03/11/erics-declaration-regarding-abuse-at-fci-englewood/ (its especially hefty when the exposure comes both in court and in the media). And it will likely follow Eric for the rest of his sentence. No, there will be no justice in these hearings as there has not been justice for anyone who has sat in those hearings before Eric. There is no justice for the now 13 dead federal prisoners because of BOP failures. Why would we find justice in *their* disciplinary system.

Prose and musings are threats worthy of years of restricted contact with families apparently. Business as usual at FCI Englewood on this Tuesday afternoon.

Eric can still use letters and books. His capacity to respond is severely limited because he isnt allowed to hold onto his letters but he is making an effort and appreciates the support.

Eric King 27090045
FCI Englewood
9595 w Quincy ave
Littleton co 80501

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