This is an essay for an ADX program

Eric is in a step-down unit of the ADX. It was determined it would be unconstitutional to release someone from ADX-level-deprivation to the streets, so the ADX created a special unit for people within a year of their release. They are supposed to be able to earn privileges to help them adjust to the outside world. They have specialized caseworkers that help them know what kind of programming they’re eligible for, they can get phone calls, they can get snacks, they can earn a lot of things.

Eric has not been OFFERED and programming. Through other prisoners, Eric found out about a program (all by himself) in which he could write essays for treats and submit them to psych.

Eric asked for a “nutella” for the reward for this essay


I went to college for a few years and got buckets worth of credit.. but it isn’t facts or stats that I took from my “higher education “ .. the number one thing I learned in college is ‘HOW’ to read, ‘how’ to read the news, how to think critically and how to look for patterns.

When I watch the news today, all the fear and hatred and blame being placed on trans people… what I see is a remix of the same tired tropes and tactics of years past.

It wasn’t so long ago when every story on the news was about rap ruining America. This was a play on the “all blacks are thugs” trope… Rap was villainized. Stores try pulling the albums, Christian group boycotted their sponsors and literally bulldozed rappers albums in protest. Lies of precious white children being forced to learn ebonics in school we’re never challenged by reporters happy to exchange fear for ratings.

Of course we can’t forget those pesky muslims.. what started pre 9/11 spiraled into full-blown hysteria post 9/11 and culminated in the early Trump days. The shit said about Muslims openly, on daily news, didn’t even try to avail its bigotry.. all Muslim men were pedophiles and rapists, they beat and tortured “their women” (misogyny and racism all in one) the Muslim woman were all essentially sex slaves with no brains or thoughts of their own.. every mosque being built was a terrorist recruitment center, trying to brainwash “our” children.. Muslims were plotting to take over local city councils to force Sharia law on good Americans.. after all “they” hate us for ‘our’ freedom.. local governments past meaningless ordinances banning Sharia law and teaching the Quran in schools. Separation of church and state.. Muslims would not be allowed to indoctrinate our children

Of course gays and lesbians are a long time fear target. Same bullshit as above. They were all child rapists, all wanting to sneak up on you.. they use religion to shield the bigotry… “it’s a sin” it’s against God’s will, etc. Politicians became theologians and prayed they wouldn’t be caught up in a Minnesota airport bathroom. The gays were ruining “our way of life” … they would “corrupt our society” … same ol fear same ol tactics same ol bullshit.

Immigrants would naturally come under fire.. they are everything bad, nothing good, let’s hate them!

Now it’s transgender people. Continuing the trend of the country’s most powerful people accusing a group with literally zero political power of “taking over” or “attacking” the powerful.. same lies, same over exaggerations, seem deliberate misconstruing.. you can’t blame them though, considering trans folks built billion dollar conglomerates that poison our air and water and refuse to clean it up, they got billions gambling on JUNK loans…profiting beyond belief while thousands lost their homes and pensions…they fought it all costs to prevent affordable health care and then did everything possible to steal that healthcare during the worst pandemic of Our lives…they accept lobbyist money to create laws that benefit corporations, crush workers rights and literally poison and endangered citizens…they have all that power, and it must be stopped.

This is the pattern and it works a marginalized group gets attacked-they speak up against this treatment they get accused of attacking those in power, anyone that stands with the marginalized group gets accused of “forcing their agenda on ‘regular’ Americans. While the fear mongers are distracted with lies, politicians are doing real damage. Banning books is serious, denying people to talk about their existence is dangerous, preventing access to trans healthcare is deadly…and people buy into this, forgetting we just heard the same bullshit about a different group.. further, when all you hear is how shitty a group is most are not interested in seeking out the truth, of speaking to trans youth or the parents, understanding their lives, of understanding that “trans healthcare” is healthcare.. they see another victim trying to force themselves on “us” by not letting “us” erase them. Well conservatives pretend to be worried their precious child may have to breathe trans air, parents of trans children worry they may go to prison for supporting their children or their child may have to go without mental or physical care.

Trans people are people, not scapegoats. My life has been saved by trans people, Calvin, my lawyers ect.. my life has been enriched and enhanced by trans people…. Too many otherwise good people don’t see this pattern, or simply don’t care.. same old lies, same old pattern…same old brutality. #ProtectTransKids #HonorTransLives dignity isnt a grace bestowed by conservatives.


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