My mom is spectacular

This is an essay for an ADX program

Eric is in a step-down unit of the ADX. It was determined it would be unconstitutional to release someone from ADX-level-deprivation to the streets, so the ADX created a special unit for people within a year of their release. They are supposed to be able to earn privileges to help them adjust to the outside world. They have specialized caseworkers that help them know what kind of programming they’re eligible for, they can get phone calls, they can get snacks, they can earn a lot of things.

Eric has not been OFFERED and programming. Through other prisoners, Eric found out about a program (all by himself) in which he could write essays for treats and submit them to psych.

Eric asked for a “sugary cereal” for the reward for this essay

My mom is spectacular

My mom made me an anarchist. She would cringe reading that, but to me it’s the highest compliment. She truly lets people be who they are and radiates mutual aid and love. Without meaning to, she taught me to resist patriarchy, class solidarity, love, and hard work. For a long hard period my mom had to raise My brother and me by herself often fleeing violently abusive biological dad. She didn’t shrink from life, she didn’t take her out on me and my brother. She took a shitty job at a cold storage company and worked every hour they would allow. Should be given projects with unreachable deadlines and have to meet them. There were countless nights she’d have to pack me and my brother up in the car with box of toys and pillows we’d have slumber parties at the office…she wanted a house so we wouldn’t have to live and my grandpa’s front room, she wanted economic autonomy. If my brother and I hadn’t been such spoiled shit-heads this autonomy would have surely come sooner. She put needs before wants, she built a real family.

My mom didn’t have a degree, the idea would have been ridiculous.. she got a high school diploma and got to work. Over the years she would move up and rank and always overworked and underpaid…like many poor single parents, she didn’t develop passions or indulge youthful dreams, I doubt she ever knew she could have dreams.. family and financial security always came first. Well my mom didn’t chase her dreams, she put me in the position to chase every one of mine. Whether due to being busy, being happily remarried (then tragically widowed RIP Jim) or just relief I wasn’t acting like mike, she developed a real laissez-faire (sic) attitude to my upbringing.. she would support me thoroughly, but as long as I was out of trouble, going to school and checking in with her we were good. When I develop a new passion she’d ask questions or show worry, but then it’d be full support. Imagine having a high school son who got up at 4:00 a.m. to say the rosary, went to the gym at 4:30 to 6:30 a.m. then school, back to the gym, or racing home to watch English football, who existed on a diet of fish, lean meats and veggies. The only hard “NO” I can remember is when I tried to go to Palestine with some franciscans my senior year…weird ass kid.

She never preached or forced her values on me. How to treat people going through hard times, how to let people be with who they are, how to love people without judgment.. how to stand by those you love, how to survive. She’s been through and outlandish amount of hard times but is still the best example of Christianity I’ve ever seen. She always helps, she always cares. She taught me how to be a good husband (and my wife taught me how to be a good son, full circle) I am blessed to have her as a mum