New Poem by Eric

This is an poem Eric submitted for an ADX program

Eric is in a step-down unit of the ADX.

It was determined it would be unconstitutional to release someone from ADX-level-deprivation to the streets, so the ADX created a special unit for people within a year of their release. They are supposed to be able to earn privileges to help them adjust to the outside world. They have specialized caseworkers that help them know what kind of programming they’re eligible for, they can get phone calls, they can get snacks, they can earn a lot of things.

Eric has not been OFFERED and programming. Through other prisoners, Eric found out about a program (all by himself) in which he could write essays for treats and submit them to psych.

Eric asked for a “cereal” for the reward for this piece

In response to centuries of religious repression, 

In response to government hatred and repression, 

In response to flagrant and bigotry masked as faith, 

A culture of radical flamboyance blossomed 

A decision not to hide 

A decision to reject the shame 

He decision that there is safety with invisibility 

The choice to live however they feel 

Expressing their love of Life on their own terms 

A rebellious choice to be happy, loud, vibrant and proud 


A decision to share their stories, ideas, hopes, loves 

To proclaim that the dark ages are over 

Progress only moves forward 

Love and life shine brightly 

And I honor them 




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