“Can I live” poem by Eric King

here is a poem Eric wrote more recently:


Can I Live? 

One time  can I touch this grass
Feel that breeze
That refuses to blow down these walls
Can I be angry, break anything!
Or passionate?
Can I let that passion grow
Like a poisonous vine
To be wrapped around my enemies necks
Can I live MY anarchy, even if I’m flawed
Can my rebel heart pump revolutionary blood the way I FEEL it, may I feel it?
Without my leashes placed to reel me in
Can I fight my daily oppression
Without having to duck fist and spittle
Can I live wild a little?
Can I be fucked up, cry sometimes, because convictions don’t erase fears
Can I bruise my fist or color my body without a permission slip
Can I speak without a ball and chain
Shackled to my tongue
Can I let loose my spirit
Let it flourish, watch it destroy
Can I refuse to be submissive
To any state or movement
That puts tacks in my boots
To keep me constrained
Can I get a sip of water
If I’m forced to be stale
Can I spit that water in every face
That’s dipped my wings
Can I sing? Top of my lungs until my one neighbor in the entire unit bangs on the wall
Can I pretend I’m every atom even the ones hurting me
Can I just live without control
Love with all my heart
Insurrect with all my desire
Laugh with all my being
Cry with all my worries
Can I be loved if I fuck up
And just do me?
Can I live just one time.

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