“Perspective” a poem by Eric King

Got to see Mahomes play today
what a wonderful world to be in
Iranian women are risking their lives
for just a taste of freedom
What matters most, depends upon
under what stars you are dreaming
One persons Koi fish pond
is another’s piranha
Sometimes its easy to feel the breeze
bask in the beauty of fauna
Sometimes just getting out of bed
is a victory over the trauma
You can go to Jordan, & see the Petra
or get trapped in a CIA prison
What may seem a tasty veal steak
is another beings dead children
Go ahead & wear a Christian mask
to cover your fascism
Got to see Casemiro today
A perfect world to be in

“Prison ain’t for sensitive boys” a poem by Eric King

Prison aint for sensitive boys

I still think about every fight

every scraping – making of knives

wondering what happened to those lives

they were sharpened for?

I still feel every spray

every breath it stole away

wondering what violence will come today

W/the squad at your door

I still hear every screaming voice

every life isolation destroyed

prison ain’t the place for a sensitive boy

I don’t want this no more

New Poem and Brief Update

The universe continually expands
but my world stays stagnate
these walls never move,
these windows never open
I remember tho,
I’ve been someone else’s pain,
Made others space feel like their own ADX
the goal then, it seems
isn’t just to breathe fresh air
but to breathe it as a better me
To never be someone elses warden
What good is being free
if only to be oppressively to others?
“Freedom doesn’t have a purpose”
but mine will be to love + heal+ grow
to cherish the million small blessings
were presented every day
if we only chose 2 see them
especially the ones we construct ourselves

This is a poem wrote in reflection at the adx.

The solitude is massive, and the mail is intermittent… This is a funny story because for 3 years now he has been told that the reason he has to have communication restrictions is they don’t have the capacity to properly manage his mail and his existence is a risk. He has been promised as soon as he was placed at the adx he will have his mail restored. This is not it. With his family they receive mail from him twice a month with a few hiccups. He lost the ability to have phone or visits at Lee county in his disciplinary hearing (this makes paper mail the only point of contact) The regional office instructed Lee to find him guilty (so that way they could try again if the adx placement didn’t stick) with that came phone sanctions and visit sanctions. And commissary restrictions. While he is recieving mail, he can’t respond to much of it because he cannot purchase enough paper stamps and envelopes. He’s watching TV for the first time in 4 years and is soaking it all in. He’s catching up on so much and is really enjoying talking about TV. He is receiving books, they can be sent through the wish list or a bookseller. We have no reliable way to tell if he’s getting them all or what is happening. Legal visits are intermittent.

There is not much to update on … We could tell you how he was three or four weeks ago 🤷‍♀️ it seems this is probably going to be the common theme for his last year in. They are telling him he will get 6 months and a halfway house which is kind of funny because the cares act makes him eligible for 12 but what do we know.

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“They say I’m no good”

They say I’m no good

and the whole town would be safer

If I was buried deep or shot with a taser

They talk a lot of shit

is it a terrorist or arsonist?

Can’t let me out of here I’m a fire breather

I’m too violent

cops put me in a box with 20 doors and no windows

sunlight’s prohibited “it’ll make you grow”

those that will judge have never gotten

to know me but my look is rotten

If only they’d talk to you first

they would learn a secret by you from me

& maybe they’d agree

that I’m harmless

On the other side of the fence it grows

On the other side of the fence it grows

out of the reach of my hand & nose

free to be as lovely as it intends

free to be with its flower friends

Not to be killed inside this cage

such enchantments would be a waste

Never seen such a blue, defying hate

just by existing

fed by the sun it feeds my being

sometimes being happy feels like treason

your petals offer one more reason

to not break down or fold so easy

life would be such a cake

the day I awake

on the same side as my friends

we’ll both rise up in defiance

on that day

This Vile Institution

I have the blues like a dead man’s lips

This vile institution

Serving your cereal with a cup of warm piss

they’ll teach me a lesson

If only my cold shoulder didn’t come with a chip

for all my treason

maybe my life was a failure, but it felt like a gift

the dementor is freezing

I’m a thorn bush that needs to be clipped

Our Getaway

With a shovel and a dream

I begin heading your way

The ground is cold and hard

and inclined to budge

But we fight it, we fight hard

and we fight the calendar

We’re expected to break

to throw in every towel

Our muscles are aching

Sore but not breaking

Meet in the middle

We’ll help each other to escape

To flee society and heartbreak

Together we’ll tunnel out of this pain

and nothing will stop our getaway

“They forgot we were earthworms”

They tried to bury us

They forgot we were earthworms

Eating out their rotten brains

And shitting out their undigestible’s

that we were fucking shovels

just ‘cause someone throws dirt on you

doesn’t mean you can’t throw

That shit right off

that we were landmines

waiting for one, wrong, cocky misstep

To bring them to their knees

and send their knees into the trees

that we were fucking zombies

we’d keep rising up

‘cause we didn’t crave brains

we craved freedom

that we didn’t mind the underground

away from their laws and harsh glares

that we were Prairie dogs

digging tunnels and spending all day

just barking and talking shit

when we see the Hawks come in

we’ll scamper for a minute

that we’re already dirt

full of the goddess energy

giving life to vibrant communities

we’ll gladly share the world

with pretty flowers and tickley bugs

that we do what we want

like our mothers and fathers before us

we don’t wave the flag

and say surrender

because the enemy tells us

“the fight is over”

“Circumstances “

We are not victims of our circumstances

We are the victors over them


gave us thin ice

and heavy skates

took our families and morphed them

into something horrific

Gave us cold nights

And thin blankets

no heat,

but rocket launchers

We have hearts that fed beatings

and eyes that can’t look away

and lots of time to think about it

We found the will to fight

so it gave us an enemy that can’t die

gave us eyes to read

letters of heartbreaking sorrow

Circumstances gave us rotting logs to make homes

then laughed a the tornadoes

taught us to count

so we’d know just how much we didn’t have

Circumstances took our food to make us weak

but we stayed strong

tried to ice out our hearts

but we stayed warm

Circumstances tried to plant seeds of fear

but we grew brave

and found the courage to love those

whom others couldn’t


Wish I could write poems about owls

but what do I know

They sure are cute when young

unless you are a mouse they want

Sitting like time passing under a harvest moon

head saying no to every question

even the ones we haven’t asked

Are you wise or am I a fool?

share your wisdom mystical ass

Crouched under your tree

sticks digging like miners into my bare feet

Why have you not written a poem about me?