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“Pacing in my cell” a poem by Eric king

A poem about Erics experience at CCA







I am pacing in my cell

My skin is still on fire from the paper spray

that I was bathed in 8 days ago

No clean clothes have been provided, no shower either

I am scared because I don’t understand the process

or the noises, or the smells

Don’t understand why they aren’t giving me a shower

or a fucking towel, or fucking toothpaste

My jaw still hurts, my eyes wont’ stop watering

It hurts to swallow anything

I am pacing my cell letting ever pig know

that if they open this door I am attacking

If they have the gaul, I will provide everything else

8 days ago I charged into a group of COs

fist swinging, refusing to let them disrespect my cell mate

I didnt make it far, multiple cans emptied onto my face

Punched, kneed, slammed down

A knee on the back of my throat, a CO grabs my hair

and lifts up my face, while another pulls my hair back

and eyes open

to ensure I get the full affect

This is my 2nd time in seg here..this time will last 10 months

I will be stuck in a cell with no lights

Served spoon sized portions of food, be denied medical care

I will meet some of my best friends and I will fall in love

My spirit will enlarge and my rage at the system will deepen

I received my property a full 3 weeks later

My first shower came 10days after the spraying

skin still has burn spots

I am pacing my cell, waiting.

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