Medical Horrors at FCI Florence

*****We (EK support crew) would like to say this situation is representative of a bigger problem within the BOP. There was recent information that has emerged that shows that the way the BOP is handling the hiring freeze is to have nurses double as cops. To quote Nurse Hendricks “I am a guard first and a nurse second” and THAT is the problem. In the medical field folks are asked to do no harm. Meanwhile they are asked to partake in the psychological torture that prison guards carry out and here is the kicker on the same people they are tasked to keep alive and healthy. One can not be in charge of the health of a person while at the same time the other aspect of their job is to dehumanize them.  *****

Since I have been at FCI Florence I have seen some real cruelty and
vileness at a level I didn’t think was possible, ugliness that would
make your skin crawl. No, it wasn’t from the gangs or the drug dealers,
it was from certain members of the Medical Team. Specifically R.N.
Hendricks. Fuck RN Hendricks.

Imagine walking out of breakfast at 630 into the freezing cold mountain
air. Once your feet step right outside you see someone wearing scrubs
and a smile, and you assume this is a helpful caring person. You are
sadly mistaken. Within seconds that person is in your face literally
screaming ”SPREAD EM!”, referring to your legs. This person will then
proceed to ”pat” you down so aggressively you would be forgiven for
mistaking this pat down for an assault. That assault quickly becomes a
Sexual Assault when she forcibly grabs your penis and balls, forces her
hand between your ass cheeks, laughing horrifically, muttering to
herself ”no one is getting past me today!”. This is what life is like
for many men at FCI Florence.

You may be asking yourself why she is taking this so fucking personal,
that is because she sees herself as a ”cop first, nurse second, so
don’t try to fuck with me!”. to which one inmate replied ”that
explains the quality of your health care..” When an inmate tells her to
keep her fucking hands off of his dick, her response is to quip ”Well
you shouldn’t have come to prison!”, before writing up that inmate for
having the audacity to not want to be sexually assaulted. Is she looking
for knives or escape tools you may ask? Is she doing it to protect
herself and her co-workers? Nope, she is looking for extra milks that
people may smuggle back to supplement their protein intake. I assure you
that no one has ever hid a milk carton in their ass cheeks. Most
prisoners held captive here at the FCI have had to deal with this
sadistic handsy creep on this level, but some have to deal with her on a
much more serious level, and at that more serious medical level
Hendricks gets to really express her ugliness and hatred toward inmates.

There amount of horrors that she is accountable for is staggering and
hard to put into paragraph form. Inmates with long histories of seizures
have regularly had their dosages reduced by her-without doctors
permission or knowledge- leading to ugly, violent seizures. If you make
the mistake of having a seizure on the 2nd teir, you can expect to be
carried down the steps not on a gurney, but by 4 members of staff,
dragging you like a sack of potatoes. Inmates with cancer have REGULARLY
been denied doctor follow ups (despite the doctors request), denied
medicine prescribed by the doctor, and had information continually
withheld by RN Hendricks. There are countless grievances against her for
ignoring actual doctors’ orders, losing medical inhalers, misplacing
medicine, and changing dosages. I know this because I help type many of
these grievances, and every time my heart aches for my comrades who have
to go through this.

Imagine your brother, father or grandfather has had a doctor order
testing for cancer, only to have RN Hendricks cancel the testing.
Imagine them needing medicine for some disorder, only to have RN
Hendricks change the medicine completely or deny it all together. This
ruins lives. Recently she had the goons run into the room of an elderly
inmate with colon cancer whom the doctor had ordered to have a walker.
Was she racing in to help him? Fuck no; she was taking the walker back,
despite the inmate having the approval forms on hand. This is real. This
is serious. We have no other medical recourse. How does R.N. Hendricks
justify this? ”Shouldn’t have came to prison”. Recently an inmate
filed a lawsuit against her after he went to the sick-call window
complaining of pain and swelling in his testicles and she refused him
service. He went back every day and each time she denied him help until
it got so swollen they had to remove the damn thing. This isn’t shocking
to the people inside, we see it happen all the fucking time.

Hendricks is a soulless maggot, but she could not do this without
approval or permission from above. She, like every member of this
fascist brigade, answers to higher ups. She cannot act alone. She is
permitted to do this by the Bureaucrats who do not remove her from her
post. By their refusal to act, they are not only allowing it to
continue, but condoning the behavior, and why wouldn’t they? This is
systematic abuse at its finest and this is what the BOP is masters of.
The prison shields, protects, tolerates and accepts her behavior and the
literal blood is also on their hands. R.N. Hendricks is an agent of a
system that brutalizes other human beings, and as long as this system
exists it will continue to act accordingly.
Fuck R.N. Hendricks..Until all are free



****So to update on that I feel it’s important that people know that I
was called into the Lt’s office by Lt. Estrada and asked whether I had
been sexually assaulted or not. If I said yes I would be placed in
Protective Custody and the police would be called and an investigation
would develop which would lead to me being shipped. I am not an idiot.
If I said yes and then refused to follow up that is another shot and I
would get disciplined for that. I was told to sign a piece of paper
saying I was never sexually assaulted by Hendricks. It is important to
note that I never said I was, and only pointed out her very aggressive
and questionable behavior. I signed that paper and went to visit with
you. ****

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