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EK’s thoughts on Willem VanSpronsen

Today I’m sitting in this cockroach-infested Cesspool called USP Atlanta. Many political prisoners have come through here, if he had survived Willem VanSpronsen would have potentially come through here as well. Instead he offered up his life and the state was more than happy enough to seize it, one less headache for them. I’ve been thinking about him, his action, reading his writings and motives. My heart has ached for him because I know how…

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Update and message from Eric

On June 21st Eric was picked up from USP McCreary and brought to the federal transfer center in Oklahoma. We anxiously await to see if the BOP is ready to drop this bullshit once and for all and send him somewhere he can do his time in peace. Things feel super complicated because on June 18th Eric was in an altercation with his cell mate in segregation. After the prisons previous attempt to stick a…

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BOP updates Eric's writings and Poetry Messages From Eric Uncategorized

Medical Horrors at FCI Florence

*****We (EK support crew) would like to say this situation is representative of a bigger problem within the BOP. There was recent information that has emerged that shows that the way the BOP is handling the hiring freeze is to have nurses double as cops. To quote Nurse Hendricks “I am a guard first and a nurse second” and THAT is the problem. In the medical field folks are asked to do no harm. Meanwhile…

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