Eric’s Legal Defense Fundraiser and Case Filings… CONTENT/TRIGGER warning.

CONTENT/TRIGGER warning… state sanctioned torture and violence.
[While its uncomfortable for *US* to see this photo, and it brings all sorts of feelings imagine what this felt like for Eric. This image is sensitive and while it is public record Eric has given consent for it to be shared. It is a very vulnerable image of him and his body. We ask if folks use this image elsewhere to please link back to the fundraiser/update page (as well as Eric’s blog and Facebook and twitter support page) for context and so folks have the ability to read the exhibits and motions in conjunction so that it is not just gratuitous violence.]

Eric’s legal team has finally been able to get his legal fundraiser up! We ask the community to please share far and wide!

Check under campaign updates for recent filings

The fundraiser page will also be a place that his legal team can provide case filing updates. These filings are also available for viewing and public record for those who setup a PACER account. Setting up an account requires a credit card and you will be charged for viewing any document over $15 a quarter. So they are public record but …as much as requiring someone to setup a *paid* account can be considered “public record”. Because the way this system works excludes those from accessing this information without disposable funds or bank accounts, and in an attempt for total transparency, his legal team will be posting these court documents on the fundraiser page for all to see.

The first filings have been posted on the fundraiser page under campaign updates. Filed today was a motion to continue and various supporting documents.

If you want to read the email between Eric and his partner that started this ALL, head over and take a peek.

IMAGE DESCRIPTION : A tattooed white man (eric) laying flat on a gurney atop of an askew mattress (?) covered by a sheet. The gurney is in an empty concrete holding cell. He is uncovered and naked except for his boxers which are falling open. His arms are restrained above his head by hard handcuffs and out of frame his legs are also restrained by cuffs at the bottom of the bed.

Eric has previously reported being restrained and uncommunicative for around 7 hours after he was assaulted.

You can write Eric here

Eric King #27090045
FCI Englewood
9595 West Quincy Avenue
Littleton, CO 80123

[white envelopes, white paper, only black ink, no cards, card-stock, labels, marker, photos or postcards]

He can also now receive magazines and newspapers from both the publisher and sent directly into the prison

If you have a local ABC, prison support group, or just want to help support and host a fundraiser please hit us up rickingsupportcrew(AT)

We can hook you up with a PDF to print shirts, poetry to read, some folks have asked for a playlist of his favorite music. Be it a letter-writing event with a hat to pass for donations or an all out show with a pinata to bust open, it helps Eric immensely with access to counsel that is working SO hard for him.

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