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“Oh Prison” a poem by Eric King

Oh prison 

You must think so poorly of me 

Think I’m weak enough to fold 

tisk tisk 

I’m not a fucking inmate, I’m a captive 

even if I spend 50 years here, my humanity stays 

I won’t hate those that you sucked into your trap 

keep your ‘cars’ chap, I can’t be bothered 

you’re a petulant waste of time 

Not converting for me, no head shaves or Qurans 

God aint real, neither is white power 

my happiness is mine and you can’t lay a finger 

Didn’t you know you’re dealing with a fighter? 

Block the phone & the mail, you’ve accomplished nothing 

snake scum, maggot 

the beauty I see in the world wont be diminished 

by your hatred 

The love I share in my soul won’t be doubted 

by your procedures 

walls were built to stand, and this one doesn’t shake 

Oh prison 

didn’t you know we stand by each other? 

we’re not jesters, we’re unbreakable 

when will you learn 

Somethings were built to last 

You can’t win this fight because we refuse to loose. 

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