Eric’s communication restriction is dangerous to ALL political prisoners

Why is this communication ban between Eric and his wife important to ALL political prisoners??


The communication restriction is obviously important because it is not only illegal and super harmful for a prisoner to be cut off from their family. This adds to the trauma Eric and his family has experienced and that is very purposeful. However that is not the most problematic AND DANGEROUS aspect of this situation.

One of the reasons given by USP Leavenworth is communication is restricted because it THREATENS THE ORDER AND SECURITY OF THE INSTITUTION”. Eric’s wife is a member of his support crew and the point of contact regarding needs Eric has, communications to be shared with community, and action Eric wishes the community to take. Along with most of the letters that Eric sends specifying what help he needs going missing or delayed, the phone block makes it near impossible to be able to support Eric.

The institution and BOP has successfully taken a political prisoner and isolated him from his support people due to perceived “security risks”. If we allow this to happen to one federal political prisoner we are opening the door to allowing this to happen to all federal political prisoners. Eric’s current situation is the “canary in the coal mine” right now for the safety of political prisoners. It is urgent that we use all resources and courses of action against the BOP and USP Leavenworth to show them we will not permit this to happen.

We ask that folks keep an eye out for various email and online blitzes. If folks have legal contacts they can share for civil or constitutional suits we would love to be connected. Any resources at all are appreciated. We ask that folks continue to call into both the regional office and USP Leavenworth. And share as much as they can with your local community if you can find a way to show Eric solidarity or effective action calling out the BOP please do so. Get creative.

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