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Eric Update and Poem from a time in the S.H.U

Last week, Eric was thrown into the hole and his cell was trashed. Among other things, a bunch of letters went missing and were destroyed. He is now out of the hole and  wants to let folks know that if you wrote him in the weeks leading to the 1st of June he lost your letter and that you should reach back out if you would like :).

Below is a poem written while EK was at CCA Leavenworth, now three years ago.

I am pacing in my cell

My skin is still on fire from the pepper spray

that I was bathed in 8 days ago

No clean clothes have been provided, no shower either

I am scared because I don’t understand the process

or the noises, or the smells

Don’t understand why they aren’t giving me a shower

or a fucking towel, or fucking toothpaste

My jaw still hurts, my eyes wont’ stop watering

It hurts to swallow anything

I am pacing my cell letting ever pig know

that if they open this door I am attacking

If they have the gaul, I will provide everything else

8 days ago I charged into a group of COs

fist swinging, refusing to let them disrespect my cell mate

I didnt make it far, multiple cans emptied onto my face

Punched, kneed, slammed down

A knee on the back of my throat, a CO grabs my hair

and lifts up my face, while another pulls my hair back

and eyes open

to ensure I get the full affect

This is my 2nd time in seg here..this time will last 10 months

I will be stuck in a cell with no lights

Served spoon sized portions of food, be denied medical care

I will meet some of my best friends and I will fall in love

My spirit will enlarge and my rage at the system will deepen

I received my property a full 3 weeks later

My first shower came 10days after the spraying

skin still has burn spots

I am pacing my cell, waiting.

We’re gearing up for International Day of Solidarity with EK on June 28th. Join us in supporting our friend! Thanks everyone!

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