In Solidarity with Anti-fascists from Eric King and the EK Support Crew.

On behalf of Eric King and the EK Support Crew, we’d like to express our deepest and unwavering solidarity with folks who were in Charlottesville last weekend.   We were all horrified to hear of the murder of Heather Heyer and the injuring and hospitalization of other antifa and BLM folks who were protesting the neo-nazi, “alt-right” scum.  May Heather rest in power and let us never forget anyone who has died fighting fascism.

In the last year we have seen a rise in fascist activity all over the country and the world.  With essentially a nod from Trump, the “alt-right” has been able to organize their neo-nazi, KKK, Traditionalist Workers Party, and other fascist groups with little to no consequence aside from anti-fascist counter demonstrations.  This has been the beacon of resistance, the number of people from Northern California to the Pacific Northwest to Charlottesville, Virginia who descend on these fascist rallies to protest them, refusing to let them get away with it.  As was seen all too intensely last weekend, the antifascist movement is growing and individuals are willing to put themselves on the line to put a stop to the fascist threat.

The Eric King support crew along with Eric King himself stand in uncompromising solidarity with those antifascists who stood up in Charlottesville  and all of those brave individuals who have been pushing forward in the fight against fascism and continue to do so in the months and years to come.


In solidarity with antifascists around the world,

-EK Support Crew

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