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    WE NEED PEOPLE TO CONTINUE EMAILING AND CALLING STATE REPRESENTATIVES AND THE FEDERAL BUREAU OF PRISONS EVERY WEEK. As we continue to address the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) and state representatives, we have received nonsensical and conflicting information from the BOP regarding Eric’s pending transfer to USP Lee. For now, Eric is waiting at USP Atlanta, and it seems we have come full circle: originally in 2018, Eric was told at USP Atlanta and USP Lee his life would be in danger by white supremacist gangs if he ever did a long stint at USP Lee, and Eric was originally told the dangers of USP Lee shortly after he…

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    “One of these days I’m gonna break these chains” a poem by Eric King

    I wake up alone in a box that ain’t my home without the love I call my own people who live  in glass houses I envy them all people who live in cages must throw stones tear the skin sticking to my bones got a spoon to dig down straight only digging the plot to my own grave if my body can’t , then my mind will escape my enemy wears authority instead of a face I wake up alone but we cannot break freedom is on the phone she holds me in one piece I wake up with a hole that she fills complete battered & bruised but on…

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    “Oh the life of a snitch” a poem by Eric King

    Oh, the life of a snitch you get caught with a ki won’t even do 3 that’s one hell of a plea you’re a snitch! *** Number one on your conspiracy but you’d rather be free smooth rolling in P.C. “he was gonna tell on me” sure he was, you’re a snitch! *** You sure like to talk and plan then turn witness for the man your life’s more important trust the community understands hypocrite anarcho-snitch! *** Swear “fuck the cops till I die” prison looks at you and smiles whoops next day you’re a C.I. where’d they hide the wire guy? Slimy recording snitch! *** Free a thousand bunnies…

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    Them bronze keys a poem by Eric King

    Them bronze keys o’ they rattle am i free or starting battle Them slammed doors how they wake my battered spirit they tried to break Them bronze keys open my food tray guards watching hard inspecting how much I ate Them slammed doors can hear from afar do the doors know how deeply they scar? Them bronze keys why do you exist separation creates pain and its balled up in my fist

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    Urgent support needed-Call into CCA Leavenworth *UPDATED*

    Eric has been held in disciplinary segregation since February 24th after being accused of throwing his shoes at a guard during a shakedown of the cells while the whole prison was on lockdown. At the subsequent disciplinary hearing, Eric was sentenced to 60 days in the hole (solitary confinement). While in segregation, Eric is on commissary restriction, meaning that he cannot buy extra food from the commissary to supplement the meager vegan food tray. Trying to eat only the food they provide him is leaving him hungry all the time. We gathered from Eric a full report of the food he is being provided and, running it through a nutritional…

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    Eric’s Plea Signing Date 3/3/2016

      After almost a year and a half of pre-trial detention in shitty conditions, court battles and other legal woes,   and facing threats of forty years in prison, Eric King has finally decided to accept a non-cooperating plea agreement to ten years in federal prison. If you live nearby, please consider attending Eric’s hearing in Kansas City, MO next Thursday, March 3rd at 1:30p.m. The media and cops are likely to be well-represented, and it would be a meaningful moment to show Eric that he is not alone. Having supporters there may also create some pressure for the court to conduct itself better.  It will also be useful to…

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    Eric has been placed back in segregation.

    It has come to our attention through Eric’s attorney that he has been placed in the hole again during the shake-down of the facility. He has been told that he will have a disciplinary hearing next week to determine if he will remain in segregation. We ask for continued solidarity in blasting Eric with cards and letters. Here is his address: Eric King 27090045 CCA Leavenworth 100 Highway Terrace Leavenworth, KS 66048 If you would like to send Eric something from his Amazon wish list: http://www.amazon.com/registry/giftlist/OEWNQ9RMQGZ <3 EK Support Crew

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    “They build walls to hold” a poem by Eric King

    They build walls to hold to separate and destroy They build prisons to enslave to rip hearts to shreds They build planes to attack and build plants to make bombs They build borders to differentiate between right & wrong, good & bad We build songs to give a helping hand and ease a burned heart We build communities to shelter from hatred and abuse We build support to give strength to withstand the burden of the state They build up police and we fight them all The build up division and cruelty We build friendship and solidarity most of all We build love

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    Call for a blast of solidarity!

    Eric has been trying to get a new lawyer assigned to his case. However, today in court the judge denied him the opportunity to seek new legal counsel. On top of this unfortunate news from a difficult day in court, it has come to our attention that CCA Leavenworth is now under lock-down. These lock-downs where prison cells are searched one by one typically last for a week, during which prisoners are not permitted to speak to their loved ones. It's times like these when small acts of solidarity can make the biggest difference. Please take a few minutes to send Eric a postcard or letter to remind him that…

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    Am I angry or hungry a poem by Eric King

    Am I angry or hungry starving and shaking throw a punch or take a bite cook a meal or start a fight? In what world does canned spoiled fruit and beans count as a meal? How hard does bread need to be before it is a rock? Do I fight for something more or swallow my dignity and food? CCA you corrupt fucks where’s the Oregon militia when you need it? I ate much better on the streets when I was homeless & free can I even complain do I have ground to stand on or thin air?