5/28 Update

Eric wanted to communicate what this week feels like for him. This week would have been his out-date. Halfway house would have been behind him, he would be home and starting his new life. The targeting, monitoring, inciting, and just constant attacks has cost him immensely. Yesterday he spoke about what it was like being a human stuck in a cage. Unable to hug his family, unable to do anything besides live in his mind, play out worries, losses…. over and over. No power, or knowledge about how this is going to all play out. The unsurety is huge regarding even the most basic things… if he is going to be able to come home to his family. If he will be accepted into the federal district that we have built our home.

He was eligible for a halfway house in February, and if he would only just claim to be homeless… He could be free within 1-2 months. He has lost over 8 months because of Bureau of Prisons psyops. Over physical attacks, Union cards and poems. Each lost day is connected to a horrible moment that he’s lived through. Each day is connected to phone sanctions and visit sanctions and deprivation and loss. Every. Single. Day… Is felt. And it hits in a very brutal way when he’s actively fighting so so hard to get medical care for a terrifying situation.

We’ve been trying for three and a half years… We’ve had biopsies canceled… Scans ordered on the wrong side. Electrocution belts worn to medical appointments and doctors that just don’t give a s***. At USP Robert E Lee…. Medical staff claimed to a inquiring Senator that there simply was no mass at all, contrary to all the recent scans as well as the scans in Englewood prior to his trip to Lee. They recommended that he wait years to go to a doctor to follow up.

Last week Eric was given the doctor’s interpretation of an ultrasound that the prison received a month ago. They have been telling prisoners lately over and over that they have access to their medical records …yet someone at the ADX is sitting with his ultrasound report and it’s not him. All he gets is some mumbling about “abnormal”, “ENTs” and “comparisons to past scans”. From the date the prison received his results to the date that he was given it is about how long it takes for him to get a letter there. So apparently his medical information is subject to the same scrutiny And delay that every other piece of mail is.

The FEEL in this is heavy when we know we could have him in a specialists office getting a biopsy within a month if he were out… Yet he gets to start over next week… attempting to call over any staff that walks past his cell… beg for appropriate care. Beg for those ultrasound results. Beg for that biopsy.

The reality is he doesn’t know how any of this is going to turn out. There are a million ways it could go but it isn’t looking good. And as a human being… Sitting in that prison. Without phone calls, emails and a plethora of other things five visits a month (which is a heaven we haven’t felt in years). He wanted to talk about what all of those days feel like in between… The agony of loss.

ALSO wanted to let folks know how beautiful it was to tell him about the fundraiser being at 15k 😍 he definitely cried. He’s been so worried about the future, a world that has grown far past him. But today feels a bit more secure.

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