EK Abruptly Transferred to higher security prison.

11 days after Eric was acquitted by a federal trial, the BOP decided to move him from indefinite segregation in a low security prison,to indefinite segregation in a high security prison.

His security level is medium. However, the Bureau of Prisons gave him an internal write-up on the assault in the closet Eric was recently acquitted for, and gave him something called a management variable. This means BOP can place him in max custody no matter how low his actual designation level is.

Eric just went to federal trial; he was found innocent and to have been defending himself against lieutenant Wilcox. However, the BOP has decided to use their own discipline system to punish him for what happened in the closet.

Every facility Eric has been to the last 4 years have orchestrated or attempted to orchestrate an attack on him.

They repeatedly told him at Englewood where he ends up will be determined by the trial verdict.

This was Eric’s worst case scenario. Eric is terrified. He was told by staff at USP Lee he would be hurt in 2019. Now, he will be going straight to segregation in USP Lee. He will be getting virtually no mail. He is worried if something happens to him he won’t even be able to let people know. He will have no magazines, no books, no commissary, no calls, no mail.

If the bop thinks he is such a risk to security. They can send him to one of the prisons that is equipped to handle the problem they say he is.

Send him to the CMU send him to the ADX? Better yet let him just finish his time at a medium security prison as his points indicate. Without a management variable based on an incident he was acquitted for.

Let him finish his time and go home to his family.

This is what is happening to Eric after his victory.

He is currently held in a transfer facility awaiting pickup.

Right now emails to the support email with easily printable articles. World cup updates, boxing, Manchester United, space, science, animals politics, dad jokes and memes. Long things to read. PDFs, articles in an easy printing format preferably. These will give him something to read where they want him to go.

And PLEASE if you have a relationship with your senator (the BOP has to respond to senate inquiry) have a conversation with them. Ask them to step in and help get rid of this maximum management variable for a crime he was acquitted for. Dont let the BOP hurt him again.

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