“Just Yesterday”

I study our photographs

Remember how soft you felt

Those moments to find my life

Kept me sturdy in Rocky waves

How the fuck did you get so good

At the card games you’d learned

Just yesterday…

It doesn’t make any damn sense

I swear

I taught you cribbage on Saturday

You skunked me all day Sunday

We’ve existed through distance

And connect through fingertips

Card tables and plexiglass

Living in 15 minute intervals

Praying nothing fucked the weekend off

Praying they just leave us alone

Dying to feel my arms around you

Pinching you when the camera flicks

Will you have a new hairdo?

Will they trip on you?

Leave you locked in again?

Like you belonged here also?

When was the last time we spoke?

Without an extra pair of ears?

I know when doors fade

Our new reality gets to grow

My arms will need to be pried off you

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