Walking As A Tool


I walk slowly, always. The state can control where I walk, the space in which I am confined to walking, the people I have to walk amongst and what times I am allowed to walk outside, but they can never control the speed in which I walk. I choose always to walk AS SLOW AS FUCKING POSSIBLE. Conscious walking my yogi told me it’s called, Doctor Joel insisted I do it, because everything is so fucking fast in prison, everything is rushed. Every movement, every decision, every thought. It doesn’t have to be. Slow down, feel what you are doing, be aware of the movements you are making and the muscles you are using. Understand that by slowing down you are exercising the ultimate control over your body. The government wishes they could do this, that they could control our bodies this way, to contort us into their shape of how a human should be and should perform.

The COs hate this, I get shit for it EVERYDAY. Today I was walking down the side walk, right in the middle of it on the way back from breakfast after a really beautiful yoga session. Walking slowly, VERY SLOWLY. I can hear their little golf cart crusing behind me, getting dangerously close..then I hear the swerve onto the dirt and he goes by within about 7 inches of me. ”MOVE YOUR ASS NEXT TIME!” the cop shouts. Nope. We are only allowed to walk on the sidewalk, we are restricted from walking on the dirt, so I will not move for your cart, I will not jump out of the way. Hit me and I win, swerve and I win. I’ll move for no cop. When I get close to my unit the disgusting pig like officer ask me ”what’s your problem”..”what do you mean”…”you hurt or something”..”nope, just walking”…”well next time move it a little faster”…”is that in the program statement or does it just make you personally uncomfortable”…”you think you’re clever smart mouth?”…”clever enough to make you nervous over walking..”…silence…a moment later when I am closer ”you’re lucky you’re not in my unit”…”would you write me up for not moving at your perferred pace?”.. ”look dude walking’s not against the law, it’s just weird”..”so is commenting on someone elses walking..”…convo ended.

This is our power, to control our bodies and our minds. They can only limit so much, despite their best efforts. We must stay constantly conscious of this, their desire to limit us and their desire to pressure us into conforming our actions and thoughts to their acceptability. Not fucking happening. This is our win. Tools can be weapons, not used to attack but to defend. I can defend against their oppression by owning my body, just like on the streets, just like anywhere dangerous. People here think it’s weird, I think speed walking because someone in a shirt is pressuring you to hurry is weird. Annoying those who think they control you is a feeling that is unparalled and one that I crave and succeed in finding on a daily basis. We win through self control.

Until all Are Free–EK

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