“They Will Send Ya” a poem by Eric King

28 JANUARY 2010 -- BUCKEYE, AZ: Arizona Department of Corrections officers wait for federal authorities to show up to take control of 51 ADoC inmates. The Arizona Department of Corrections transferred 51 inmates from state control to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement at Lewis Prison in Buckeye Thursday morning. The inmates have less than 90 days left on their sentences and will be deported to their countries of origin when they finish their prison terms.  PHOTO BY JACK KURTZ


To the tune of Johnny Cash’s ‘Everywhere Man’

If you hurt their feelings
they will send ya
Arms to Arkansas
Eyes to Eugene
Lips to Lousiana
Knees to Kentucky
Mouth to Montana
Teeth to Tennessee
Hips to Hawaii
Knuckles to North Carolina
Fingers to Florida
Ribs to Rhode Island
Gums straight to Georgia
Toes to Texas
Areolas to Arizona
My penis to Pennsylvania
Theyre shipping ya off!
Veins to Vermont
Calves to California
Arteries to Alaska
Skin to South Carolina
Irisus to Idaho
Hair to New Hampshire
My teeth to Topeka
Wrist to Washington
Elbow to New England
Theyre Shipping ya out!
My mucus to Mississippi
My Obliques to Ohio
New Jersey will get my nose
Every little pice of me
Every little thought I think
they’re shipping us out

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