Mail is back, but there’s more..


Yesterday, April 13th, Eric and the rest of his pod received all the withheld mail.
Thank you to everyone who responded to the last call for support and sent off postcards, and letters to EK. Let’s keep those letters and postcards coming though!  As always the mail means so much to Eric while he’s going through each and every struggle there at CCA Leavenworth.
In addition to the mail finally coming in yesterday it was also the day that Eric filed a grievance in regards to there not being enough chairs for everyone in the pod.This means that some individuals  in his pod are having to actually sit on the floor or on their bed when eating breakfast , lunch , and dinner.Today in response to the grievance, all of the chairs were removed from the pod and it was stated that nobody in the pod has medical clearance to be assigned a chair. Now everyone in the unit is having to eat while on the floor or on their bed. As per usual at CCA, a reasonable request is met with irrational and abusive responses.
This is what EK continues to go through, so let’s let him know we are out here thinking of him , and fighting for him!

EK Support Crew

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