The View Outside (a poem)

The View Outside

A poem by Eric King

Blueberry colored lights, sky descending

tilting my head up, the universe presents itself

one more graceful night, dreams of worlds beyond

Did I see a shooting star, outside my wall?

No, it was a search-light echoing the violence

reflective glares blind so harmoniously

off the razor wire, gently withing my reach

steel asserts its might as it resurrects from hell

to gain an air of freedom, to stand coffin deep

doors shriek in tune, to keep me in, or keep “them out”?

All my dreams of peace have deceived me

Recreation in a cage, I have become a beast

10,00 volts is so cooley welcoming

the sparks they purr at me

Like a high I’ve never known, one touch & you’re hooked

stars run away, lest they be captured & sentenced

Prisoners in a war, did I ever enlist in?

Shine mimics beauty & holds a cold stare

shine entombs deadly, should you forget

uniforms may change but society will ensure

That you will never, be free from this burden

-Eric King (V) (///) (A)