“I don’t know what to write Eric about”

Eric King 27090045FCI Englewood9595 w Quincy aveLittleton co 90501 Ridiculous list of things Eric is into Soccer/Football – Thumbs up- Manchester united, celtics, Sporting KC. Thumbs down Leeds, Chelsea, Arsenal or Manchester City :p Dad Jokes Crawly things Puns Alliterations IRA New science stuff you have read about Comedians, Comedies, Anything funny Boxing news The moon memes “non-bro country” Folk punk So much music yes even Taylor Swift Witchcraft Making lists Bad Cartoons Scrabble Hearing about the misfortunes of officers/nazis saying “I head this story on NPR the other day” Stories of animals punking humans The american football team who shall not be named from Kansas City Poetry Talk to Eric about things he is reading.. We will find a better way to provide this, but these are the books most recently sent to Eric from his booklist Please write on only white paperPlease use a white envelope without a labelPlease refrain from talking about his current casePlease be aware that not only will Eric be reading said letter, but so will the Prison, Feds, Prosecutor ectNo cards 🙁