UPDATE: Eric’s Struggle With US Probation Office


The DOJ doesn’t seem to want to let this rest. They illustrated this by denying Eric’s release to the state where his family resides, the state they have access to support and resources, and access to his attorneys. The same state where he was tortured in lock up and held for years fighting a bullshit federal case… and those 4 years of pretrial meant that his family was held in Colorado right there with him.

The reason given for rejecting his family’s address for release was ridiculous and not a standard other prisoners are asked to be held to: a lease that extends to the prisoner’s release date. Probation filed “We view the proposed release plan as unacceptable due to length of time remaining on the current lease agreement.” This is simply not a requirement listed for federal probation. Prisoners often regularly acquire housing with month to month lease agreements. Federal probation did not ask his family to re-sign an extended lease; instead, they issued a flat denial, despite documentation voluntarily provided to US Probation the day prior to their decision of rejection, showing the landlord was interested in continuing to renew the lease as has been done for years prior. In addition, US Probation misrepresented the arrest record of his spouse on a public document. This inaccurate information was allegedly obtained by an FBI background check that US Probation never sought formal consent for. It seems, to Eric’s family, that they never were going to be given a real chance, that the home inspection by probation was merely ceremonial and rejection was imminent. Colorado has no interest in Eric residing here. He has been advised if he claimed to be homeless, he could be free in a halfway house within weeks. However, the only addendum is he choose to not live with his family.

Within the last three weeks, Eric has been left with no choice but to push forward in court with a habeas motion to address illegal confinement and to file a PPO (protective order) on his own behalf. If the DOJ continues down this path, it’s going to leave his family with dire financial needs for him to be able to establish a life on the outside, no matter what state he ends up in. The government always tends to find ways to make the experience excruciating and expensive, and the only way to survive is to endure.

Eric continues to stand, for himself, for his family, and for everyone else captive in the Florence complex and across the entire Bureau that are suffering the same abuses. Eric is just one of many; we can’t forget that. He is not unique in some of the terror he has suffered. All you have to do is look at USP Thompson SMU, where prison staff like to play Pokemon with prisoners in rec cages and hallways by conveniently placing people of opposite affiliation (politically, racially, differing charges) in the same cages together. Then we are surprised when murder happens? It’s business as usual with the Bureau of Prisons.

Soon there will be ways to support Eric and stand with us demanding his release, as he is still confined despite reaching his projected February 2023 release date. But right now, the very BEST way is to help share his fundraiser so the family can be prepared for whatever comes next.

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