“Ways to celebrate Veterans Day” a poem by Eric King


Stand up comedy routine at Arlington Nt. Cemetary
Sitting in at war memorial
Cake and IceCream at ‘Fallen Soldiers’ statues
Side walk drawing of dead soldiers
Defacing soldiers graves?
Reminding people of the millions killed by the troops
Reminding people of the rape and torture done by the troops
Sustaining from any actual celebrations
Burning flags
Burning cammo outfits to symbolize
Hanging up ‘Never come home’ fliers at bases
mailing the VA lol post cards
Trolling troop facebook pages
Not killing innocent brown people
Not stealing natural resources from poor brown country
Not using the poor in our nation to oppress the poor in other nations
Not using the military to stamp out protest
Not shooting on American citizens (or anyone)
Mocking our National Guards people
Making list of injustices committed by troops and handing them out
Making punch for the troops that has urine in it
Making cake for the troops filled with laxatives
Reminding everyone to ”Remember our troops” with a wink face at the end
Remember our Troops! 😉
Have children sing song about how great it is to have our troops return
in caskets..

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